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Revoked License

The State Board of Education first revoked a teacher's license in December 1967. Since that time it has taken action against more than 430 licenses. There are nine grounds for suspending or revoking a license:

  1. fraud, material misrepresentation or concealment in the application for the license
  2. changes in or corrections of the license documentation that make the individual ineligible to hold a license
  3. conviction or entry of a plea of no contest, as an adult, of a crime if there is a reasonable and adverse relationship between the underlying crime and the continuing ability of the person to perform any of his/her professional functions in an effective manner
  4. final dismissal of a person by a local board pursuant to G.S. 115C-325(e)(1)b. [immorality], if there is a reasonable and adverse relationship between the underlying misconduct and the continuing ability of the person to perform any of his/her professional functions effectively
  5. final dismissal of a person by a LEA under G.S. 115C-325(e)(1)e. [physical or mental incapacity]
  6. resignation from employment with a LEA without thirty work days' notice, except with the prior consent of the local superintendent;
  7. revocation of a license by another state
  8. any other illegal, unethical or lascivious conduct by a person, if there is a reasonable and adverse relationship between the underlying conduct and the continuing ability of the person to perform any of his/her professional functions in an effective manner; and
  9. failure of school administrator to report revocable conduct. The State Board also accepts the voluntary surrender of a license, but the file must include the basis for the surrender that established conduct that could have resulted in suspension or revocation.

A list of All Disciplinary Actions to Date

Note: Please click on the table headers to sort by Last Name, First & Middle Names, Action, Reason or Date.

AbdullahKhayyamRevocationOther-Revoked in MAMay 2013
AbernathyChristopherSurrendered Other-Sexting with studentFeb 2010
AdamsMarion RuthSuspendedForge parent signaturesAug 1996
AdamsTerri RicheyRevokedConvicted -drugsMar 1998
AdamsRavi AnnRevokedConvicted-felony child abuseMar 2008
AdkinsClaude LouisRevokedConvicted -Sep 1983
AlemanBonnieDenialConvicted-Bank FraudSep 2013
AlexanderCharlie LeeRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityJul 2005
AlexanderMichaelRevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties with a childAug 2012
AllenArielRevocationConvicted-Assault on child under 12 yoMay 2013
Allen, Jr.ThomasRevokedSolicitation of Child w/ComputerApr 2008
AlstonAlvis AlexanderRevokedConvicted -assault studentFeb 1995
AlstonAlycia Y.RevokedConvicted -involuntary manslaughter of childJul 1999
AlstonLloydRevokedDocument FraudApr 2008
AlvarezAlfredoRevokedOther-drugs at schoolJul 2014
AlvarezMichael A.RevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMay 1997
AmanKimberly BethRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1995
AndersonAnna ChristineRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMar 1996
AndersonRay N.RevokedReciprocityJul 2001
AndersonRhoneReprimandUnprofessional Conduct with StudentsApr 2014
AndrewsJerryVoluntary SurrenderConvicted- Assault, Communicating ThreatsSep 2012
AppletonJames NewellRevokedRecord unavailableAug 1990
ArchibaldDwayneAuto RevokeReciprocity - GA (child molestation)Jun 2005
ArledgeDavid CarterRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with minorApr 1994
ArrowoodDavid HamiltonAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with studentMar 2007
AtheyAmanda MarieSurrenderConvicted-indecent liberties w/student-sexual batteryJan 2008
AzarRudolph JohnDenyCA revoked - criminal convictedFeb 2005
BagleyAntonioRevokedLying on Employment ApplicationMar 2012
BakerVernon GlenwoodRevokedsteal school propertyMay 1997
BakerThomasRevocationOther-accessing pornography on school computerMay-12
BallengerDavid EvansRevokedConvicted - ind. lib. w/ minor, studentMar 2002
BandyBrian RobertSurrenderOther - romantic relationship w/studentFeb 2006
BanfieldMarkSurrendered Inappropriate interactions with female studentMay 2011
BarberSheila BlackRevokedBought drugs from a studentMar 2008
BarnesMichael AshleyRevokedOther -playing strip poker with female studentsOct 2003
BarnesJamesVol. SurrenderConvicted-Simple assault & batteryOct 2010
BarnhillRobin D.RevokedOther-Consuming alcohol on school premisesMay 2014
BarrettEva FrancesRevokedConvicted - crime against natureJul 2005
BarronMargaret BethRevokedConvicted -BE&L;Oct 1995
Bartlett, Sr.Robert AndrewRevokedConvicted - 1st degree sex offense with childrenDec 2003
BassGlennRevokedOther-DHHS Revocation/Res. Individual ListingApr 2009
Bates Jr.William M.RevokedConvicted -sexual abuse of childrenMay 1999
BatorBrianVol. SurrenderPossible Inappropriate interactions with studentNov 2010
BaumgartChristian A.Auto RevokeConvicted - 2nd deg sexual exploitation of minorJun 2007
BaxterRon EdwardRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with studentMar 2002
BeasonAndrea H.RevokedSexual conduct w/studentMar 1996
BeattyJohn TylerRevokedConvicted-sexual offensesFeb 2008
BeckJohn RonaldRevokedConvicted -drug offensesJul 1999
BehellerMonica FrancesRevokedConvicted -Feb 1987
BellSandra D.RevokedSexual conduct w/studentNov 1996
BennettWalter RayRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorDec 1997
Berrier, IIDavid LeeAuto RevokeConvicted of Solicitation Child w/ComputerMar 2009
BerrioFranciscoAuto RevokeConvicted of Indecent LibertiesFeb 2009
BerryDwightSurrenderOther-Inappropriate messages w/ students on FacebookFeb 2012
BerryPaulDenialOther-Current Criminal probation in OhioMay 2013
BestShannonRevokedConvicted of Crimes against natureJan 2009
BinionVincent MarcellRevokedReciprocitySep 2000
BlackJeremy ShawnRevokedOther - sexual relationship with studentAug 2003
BlackburnPaulRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorApr 1995
BlakeMichael ChristopherRevokedOther - sexual activity w/studentAug 2006
Blount, Jr.John HenryRevokedConvicted -2nd degree sex actMar 1998
BolanKimberly D.SuspendedQuit without noticeApr 1999
Boone, Jr.Charles LeonardRevokedConvictedJun 1984
BostJonathan LewisRevokedConvicted - controlled substance violationsJan 2003
BowerAmy Auto RevokeConvicted-Sex Offense with StudentFeb 2014
BowenJoshua MichaelAuto RevokeConvicted - 2nd-Deg. sexual offenseMar 2006
BoyetteMilton J.RevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMay 1993
BranchWendell RonnieRevokedConvicted -conspire larcenyOct 1995
BranchDoris G.SuspendedOther -failed drug testMar 2001
BrasfieldJohnRevocationConvicted Sexual AssaultJun 2010
BrinkentonJuleighRevokedFraudSep 1997
BrittMitchellAuto revocationConvicted-Sex Offense StudentJun 2012
BroadfieldCharles SmithRevokedRecord unavailableSep 1983
BroadheadHoward W.DenyInapprop. conduct w/ students in GAApr 2004
BrogdenDeborah FayeRevokedConvicted -AWDWMay 2000
BrooksJoseph CarrollRevokedConvicted -sexual exploitation of minorOct 2001
BrooksJennifer JoySurrenderConvicted - unlawful sexual activityAug 2005
BroomeJesse FrankRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorDec 1994
BrownAmy DianeRevokedReciprocity-lascivious conductMar 1993
BrownJames DavidRevokedFalse documentsDec 1995
BrownSteve WrightRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMar 1997
BrownRichard LeeRevokedReciprocityNov 2000
BrownBroadus DonSurrenderOther - deferred pros. indecent libertiesJun 2002
BrownPeggy LathamSurrenderLEA Dismissal - immoralityJul 2002
BrownFrankie LeonAuto RevokeConvicted - 2nd-deg. statutory rapeMar 2007
BrownBilly RayRevokedConviction-RapeSep 2007
BrownLindaRevocationOther-Falsefying applicationMar 2010
BrownChristopherDenialOther-Multiple DWI convictionsMay 2013
BrownMichaelRevocationConvicted-Medical Fraud & ArsonJan 2014
BrownMichaelRevocationConvicted-Medical Fraud & ArsonJan. 2014
BryantCyvonne Elaine RushRevokedLEA dismiss-immoralityApr 1999
BryantChanceRevocationOther-inappropriate behavior with studentsAug. 2011
BuckWhitneyVol. SurrenderOther-Charged with Sex Offense StudentMar. 2012
BucknerJohn MichaelRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMay 1993
Bullard SrTruman ERevokedOther - testing violationsAug 2006
BullisThomasDeniedOther-Inappropriate Conduct-Fla. Feb. 2013
BurkePadraig MichaelAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with studentAug 2006
BurkhartShelley D.SurrenderConvicted - false bomb threatOct 2003
BurnadelloAnthony J.RevokedConvicted - conspire 1st degree murderNov 2003
BurtonBowman KennethRevokedConviction-murderJul 1999
BushJohnRevokedConvicted-Second Degree RapeSept. 2010
ButlerJamalRevokedConvicted-Sex Offense StudentSept. 2010
ByersMichael AlanRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childSep 2000
ByrumHubertRevokedConvicted-assault on a femaleJun 2009
BythwoodWayne MarvinRevokedReciprocity-moral turpitudeNov 1982
CahalaJanice L.RevokedConvicted-Habitual Impaired DrivingFeb. 2010
Cahall, IVRobert M.Surrender Inappropriate Conduct in workplaceNov. 2009
CaldabaughKenneth E.RevokedFraudMar 1997
CaldwellBarbara LeeRevokedConvicted -conspire to murderJul 1994
CaldwellCarl F.RevokedConvicted - numerous false pretensesNov 2003
CaldwellChristopherAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/ a childMar. 2012
CallowayKevinVol. SurrenderOther-Charged with Indecent Liberties w/StudentMar. 2012
CampbellChristopher C.RevokedUnethical ConductSep 1992
CampbellDavid AlfonzoRevokedUnethical ConductJul 1994
CampbellBarbara AnnRevokedLEA dismiss-immoralitySep 1998
CannonMichael LindsayRevokedUnethical ConductJun 1994
CarneyAnnette LaverneRevokedConvicted -forgeryAug 1995
CarneyJames PatrickAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual offense w/ studentOct 2006
CarrRobertRevocationConvicted-Contributing to Delinquency of MinorJune. 2013
CarrerasPedro MiguelSurrenderNo contest plea - disturbing peace, order, discipline at educational institution, interfering with teaching studentsNov 2007
CarrollLloydRevocationOther-Possession of alcohol on school groundsMay.2011
CarterKristyRevokedConvicted-trafficking in opiumJul 2014
CarterGary WayneRevokedConvicted -false pretensesApr 1998
CarterMichaelAuto RevokeConvicted-Crime against natureJun 2014
CarterWilliam TildenRevokedOther - sexual relationship with studentAug 2005
CarterJosephDenialConviction-mail fraudMay.2011
CarterBrandonAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent LibertiesFeb. 2013
CashionKristi LynneRevokedForged DocumentsDec 2007
ChambersJason ScottSurrenderOther-alcohol related chargesMay 2014
ChapmanL. NicholeAuto RevocationConviction-Indecent Liberties w/studentJune.2011
ChavisBobby Jean LoweryRevokedConvicted -13 forgeriesMay 1996
ChumleyDonald LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties, kidnappingNov. 2003
ClaarRyanAuto RevokeConvicted-Crimes against natureOct. 2012
ClairjeuneYvan SaintangeRevokedReciprocityJan 1987
ClarkKevinDenialOther-Revoked in FLMay 2013
Clark, Sr.Anthony RudolphRevokedRecord unavailableNov 1993
CleggMario L.RevokedReciprocity (SC)Jul 2006
CodyTony DavidSurrenderOther - Sexual conduct w/ studentSep 2006
CoffeltPhilipAuto RevokeConvicted-sexual batteryJan. 2011
Coffie IIIHoward BoydRevokedConvicted - assault on femaleOct 2002
CogdillDon BrownRevokedReciprocityDec 1990
ColeDeidra BiancaDenyFraudulent transcript (degree mill)Mar 2007
Cole, Jr.Charles ThomasRevokedDrug offensesMar 1996
CollierJamesAuto RevokeConvicted Indecent Liberties w/studentJun 2009
ComstockJane EllenRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsDec 1993
ConnorHenry RooseveltRevokedSexual conduct w/studentSep 1996
CookNelson EddyRevokedOther -Unethical ConductFeb 2000
CookWilda Carol ColeRevokedOther -Unethical ConductFeb 2000
CoombsCorey WillisRevokedOther -Sexual conduct with female studentsJul 1999
CooperGaryRevokedConvicted-Assault on a FemaleMay.2008
CooperMarkSurrenderOther-Accessing Inappropriate web sitesNov. 2011
CorboChristinaAuto RevocationConvicted-Crime Against NatureJan. 2014
CorrellMichael, IIIRevokedConvicted-Assault on a FemaleMar. 2012
CoxJohnnie DavidRevokedLEA dismiss-immorality: ConvictedSep 2001
CoyleAllan MatthewRevokedConvicted-Sex with studentJan 2008
CraigJames FRevokedReciprocity - New YorkSep 2005
CraigEvaRevocationOther-Inappropriate Conduct with StudentsOct. 2011
CrawfordCalvin CharlesRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorFeb 1992
CreangeNorman CharlesRevokedConvicted -assault studentJan 1995
CreechLenny D.RevokedOther -sexual relationship with studentAug 2003
Crews, Jr.Hickman EdisonRevokedConvicted -theftMar 1998
CrossDonn KerwinRevokedRecord unavailableSep 1985
CrouseDeborah AnnRevokedConvicted -drugsDec 1994
CulbertsonJulie LynnSurrenderCharged with sex offense with studentJun 2007
CullomChristopherReprimandOther-Violation testing code of ethicsJune.2011
CunninghamDavid MartinRevokedRecord unavailableJun 1989
CurryMichael JamesVol. SurrenderOther-manipulating student gradesJuly.2011
CutchinMardyAuto RevokeConvicted-Sexual BatteryMar. 2011
DaddioJoseph CarmineSurrenderReciprocity - CT revoked; sex with studentsSep 2003
DanielikMarianneSuspendedQuit w/o noticeMar 1998
DanielsJoseph HowardRevokedConvicted-sexual batteryFeb 2008
DanielsMalloryVoluntary SurrenderOther-Inappropriate Conduct with StudentsDec. 2012
DavisDanny LeeSurrenderImmoral ConductDec 1997
DavisLatina DeniseAuto RevokeConvicted - crime against natureApr 2005
DavisTiffanyVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate interpersonal relationshipMay.2012
Davis, Jr.John ClarenceRevokedRecord unavailableJul 1980
Davis-BurtShelvaReprimandTest Administration ViolationFeb. 2012
DawsonJosephRevocationOther-Falsifying DocumentsJune.2011
DayShawnVol. SurrenderConvicted-Federal Coercion & EnticementJan. 2014
Dell-OrtoFred EmilRevokedReciprocityDec 1990
DemoScott DownerSurrenderConvicted-indecent liberties with a studentFeb 2008
DennisonRonald L.Auto RevokeConvicted - 2nd deg sexual exploitation of minorJun 2007
DeVoreJeffrey ScottSurrenderConvicted. indecent liberties with childSep 2003
DeytonLloyd PhillipRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsJul 1987
DickersonSharronReprimandOther-Testing ViolationsOct. 2013
DickterDavid JRevokedConvicted - theft, receive stolen propertyAug 2006
DillinghamGarry JoeRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1995
DixsonJimmieVol. SurrenderOther-Charged w/ Indecent LibertiesSept.2013
DolanFrankRevokedConvicted-Contributing to delinquency of a minorJul 2014
DonadioJohnRevokedConvicted-Criminal StalkingMar. 2012
DortchJerryAuto RevocationConvicted-Sexual BatteryFeb. 2012
DoshasAllisonSurrenderLying on applicationAug. 2011
DouglasVirginia PatriciaRevokedFraudulent documentsNov 1988
DozierDiane FoggSurrenderOther -falsify student test infoAug 2003
DraperChad V.RevokedConvicted Distributing Harmful Materials to MinorsJan 2009
DudleyWilliam GlenRevokedOther - inappropriate conduct w/ studentMay 2004
DulaRobert AndrewSurrenderConvicted - secret peepingFeb 2004
DunlapEdwinRevokedFalsified ApplicationMay 2011
DunnRonnieVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate interactions w/studentMar 2014
EfirdEmily HouserAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent liberties with childJun 2014
ElliottLarry EdwardRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childSep 1998
EllisRodneyAuto RevocationConvicted-Crime against natureAug. 2011
Ellis, Jr.LarryRevokedConvicted - attempt indecent libertiesApr 2004
ElshiekhNevineVol. SurrenderConvicted-Conspiracy to Commit Murder-for-HireSept.2013
EnglebertHarry TalmadgeRevokedConvicted - 1st-deg. sexual offenseAug 2006
EricksonTara RyanRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with studentJul 2005
EwingRobert WayneRevokedConvicted -sodomyOct 1995
FaganDouglas MacarthurRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsAug 1996
FarnellDianaAuto RevocationConvicted-Crime Against NatureJul 2014
FaulkAmos BlueRevokedConvicted -contribute to delinquency of minorsJul 1999
FewellWayneRevokedTested positive for drugs/Violation of school drug screen policyMar 2009
FieldsAmandaRevocationOther-alleged sexual relationship w/studentAug. 2012
FigartEarl WayneRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsJul 1994
FinkAllanRevocationOther-Inappropriate use of "Twitter" accountMay 2013
FitchFrances ArleneSuspendedFraudulent use of leaveAug 1995
FloydScottVol. SurrenderOther-Romantic relationship w/studentMay.2013
FordClarence ThomasDenyConvicted - operate gambling house, violate liquor lawAug 1997
FormanekRichard JohnRevokedReciprocityDec 1990
ForsytheEdwardSurrenderedOther-Inappropriate interactions with female studentsJune.2011
FosterHarold GardnerRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMar 1998
FowlerDianeRevokedFalsifying documentsMar 2008
FranksAaronsonSurrendered Convicted-Sexual MisconductMay 2011
FreitagNicholas MatthewRevokedOther - playing strip poker with female studentsMar 1993
FrizzelleJohnny EdwardRevokedConvicted -insurance FraudApr 1989
FronebergerJohn DanielRevokedConvicted -larcenySep 1995
FultonRobert DanielRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityMar 2005
Fyfe, Jr.LouisRevokedNot FoundSep 1981
GalesNathanielSurrenderInappropriate Text Messages to StudentMar. 2012
GayBlakeDeniedPast criminal ConvictionsFeb 2008
GeterMichael WayneRevokedConvicted -crime against natureSep 1996
GillLouis CraigRevokedposs drug paraphernaliaMay 1997
GoinsLarry D.Revokedintercourse with studentJul 1997
GonzalesBenjaminRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorSep 1992
GonzalezJeanineVol. SurrenderFailure to disclose prior convictionOct.2010
GoodsonRobert LinwoodRevokedConvicted -drugsMay 1996
GrantPaula KathleenSurrenderQuit w/o noticeJun 2004
GrantHaroldAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/ a childMar. 2012
GreenMichael FranklinRevokedReciprocitySep 1992
GreenRichard RonaldSurrenderOther -Sexual conduct with studentsDec 1997
GreeneZacharyAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/a minorNov. 2011
GreeneMatthewRevocationOther-Inappropriate text messages to studentsOct. 2013
GreerHarold GeneRevokedConvicted -drugsApr 1994
GreerKatrina NellRevokedConvicted -drugsApr 1994
GrossnickleNathanSurrenderFalsified TranscriptJul. 2010
GrubbsJimmie VanceAuto RevokeConvicted - 12 cts, fed'l court, sex with childrenOct 2006
GulleyBradSurrenderLicense revoked in SC for inappropriate sexual behaviorJan 2008
HadleyCharles DarrenRevokedConvicted-soliciting a child by computer for an unlawful sex actFeb 2008
HaightBrettAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent LibertiesAug. 2011
HalesToddRevokedConvicted-contributing to delinquency of a juvenileMar 2008
HambyChadwickRevocationConvicted-Sexual Exploitation of a MinorJan. 2014
HammondRonald RicardoRevokedsexual harassment of studentMay 1997
HammondCatherineVol. SurrenderOther-InsubordinationNov.2013
HandyKevin LamonteRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childDec 2000
HansenEddy WayneRevokedConvicted -forging prescriptionsMay 1999
HardyLemVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate texting to studentsMay. 2012
HarrisRobert JamesRevokedRecord unavailableDec 1988
HarrisJames CurtisRevokedSexual conduct w/studentJun 1996
HarrisJulie AnnRevokedConvicted - controlled substances violationDec 2007
HarrisPeterDeniedConvicted-procuring prostititutionJune, 2010
HarrisonWilliam PiersonRevokeddrug chargesSep 1992
HarrisonGwendolynRevokedOther - submitting false information for jobJan 2003
HarveyJames EmmettSurrenderOther -alleged fondling teenage malesApr 2003
HastyGerald LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorNov 1991
HastyHaydn StewartRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsFeb 1996
HayesRebecca AnnRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorNov 1991
HayesLonnie EdwardRevokedConvicted - sex offense w/ student, Ind. LibertiesAug 2003
Hayes, Jr.James OdellRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorApr 1995
HearnRichardStayed SuspensionOther-Fiscal ImproprietyDec.2013
Heath, Jr.John E.RevokedOther -videotaping females in locker roomJul 1999
HeckDorothy JeanSurrenderConvicted - sex with student (2)Jan 2003
HefnerTracyVol. SurrenderOther-Charged sexual assaultMar. 2013
HeltonMichael ARevokedInappropriate relationship with female studentFeb 2008
HendersonSusan A.RevokedConvicted -numerous worthless checksAug 1999
HendersonRichard AnthonyDenyFraudulent applicationJan 2006
HendrixRickySurrenderOther - inappropriate emails to studentSep 2006
HendrixMyronAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex Exploitation of MinorJan. 2013
HermanCarl SmithRevokedConvicted -drugsJan 1998
HerringArnold OdellRevokedConvicted -obtain property by false pretensesDec 1993
HerringShannonSuspendedConvicted-Neglect & delinquency of juvenileJul. 2010
HewittWilliam WardieRevokedConvicted -assault female studentDec 1995
HicksSusan M.SuspendedQuit w/o noticeMar 1998
HigginsSikheira EquoyaRevokedFalsification of documentsDec 2007
HightowerAffieRevokedIntoxicated During School HoursMar. 2012
HillsmanZelma JustineRevokedConvicted -bribe jurorOct 1996
HinesJohn C.DenialConviction-Solicit ProstituteMay.2011
HodosDavid AlbertRevokedSexual conduct w/studentSep 1997
HoffmanBrian AllenRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsMar 1998
HogwoodWayneRevokedConvicted -AWDWJan 1995
HolmanJanette HarringtonRevokedConvicted -contribute to delinquency of minorMar 1998
HolmesSarahRevocationConvicted-Contribute delinquency of a minorOct. 2013
Hoover-CampbellWinifred AnneSurrenderOther - embezzled school fundsMar 2005
HopperDaniel DwayneSurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMay 1994
HopperNathan CareySurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with child (19 cts)Sep 2003
HornadayJeffrey (Todd)RevokedOther-Lying on renewal applicationJun 2009
HookerDonaldReprimandConvicted-Assault on a Handicapped ChildMar 2014
Hosch, IIIJames WilliamRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorOct 1995
HostetlerBarry LynnRevokedReciprocity-child molestationJun 1983
HoveyScottAuto RevokeConvicted of Solicitation Child w/ComputerMar 2009
HowardRichardSurrenderedOther-Inappropriate conduct with female studentsMar. 2011
HowardChristopherVol. SurrenderOther-alleged sexual relationship w/studentJune.2012
HrebarLouisRevocationOther-Revocation in SCNov. 2012
HudsonRay ClintonRevokedImmorality - accessing obscene materials on state computerDec 2007
HudsonArlene CrawfordRevocationOther-Submitting false documentsJune, 2010
HuffmanMargaret KayRevokedReciprocity-sex w/studentsMay 1993
HuffsttlerJonathan LeeRevokedSexually molest male childMar 1993
HuntleyOlivia S.RevokedRecord unavailableDec 1967
Huntley, IIIGeorge WilliamRevokedReciprocity-lewd act on minorApr 1995
HymanManuel D.RevokedConvicted - sexual batteryDec 2007
Ingram, IIIWilliam VernonRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorDec 1996
JacksonJimmy WilburRevokedConvicted - harassing phone calls, commun. threatsNov 2000
JacksonLynn AntonioRevokedConvicted-BigamySept. 2010
JacobsLeonSurrenderConvicted - sex offense with studentJul 2004
JamesKeith NathanielRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMay 1994
JamesPatrick D.RevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityApr 2004
Jean-PierreDwensRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityMar 2005
JelenRickyVol. SurrenderOther-indecent libertiesApril.2012
JenkinsDavid RussellRevokedGave alcohol to studentsJun 1996
JenksCharlie DavidRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsAug 1996
JenningsRandy ScottAuto RevokeConvicted - transmit child porn via InternetMar 2007
JesterVinson ManneringRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with minorDec 1999
JeterAndreaSuspensionOther-Unprofessional ConductMar. 2010
JewellLarry RayAuto RevokeConvicted of Indecent LibertiesJan 2009
JohnsonDellwyn RayRevokedLEA dismiss-immoralityMay 1999
JohnsonPatrick MarquetteRevokedOther -sexual relations with studentsJun 2000
JohnsonErnest JeffreyRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childMar 2001
JohnsonLarry BruceSurrendercharged w/ kidnap, solicit child by computerOct 2003
JohnsonWilliam DeanAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual offense w/ minorMay 2005
JohnstonScottReprimandOther-Breech of teacher contractJan. 2013
JonesRobert EarlRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorFeb 1985
JonesDavid CampbellAuto RevokeConvicted - federal court, entice minorJun 2007
JonesTerese W.SurrenderTesting violationsNov. 2009
JonesVirginiaSuspendedOther-Falsify documentsAug. 2010
JonesTerryAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex Offense with StudentJune. 2013
JonesLamarRevocationOther-Failed Employment Drug TestJan. 2014
Jones, IIStanleyAuto RevocationConviction-Indecent Liberties w/studentJune.2011
JourniganChristopher L.Auto RevokeConvicted - sexual offense w/ studentDec 2005
JoynerHenry LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorOct 1996
KathDouglas VictorRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorAug 1995
KeelSamuel AimanRevokedMisuse of fundsJan 1989
KeysDeannaReprimandOther-improper discipline of studentJul 2014
KempJamesSurrenderedConvicted-Possession of CocaineMar. 2011
Kennon, Jr.Walter ThomasRevokedRecord unavailableDec 1988
KernodleKevin LamonteSurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with studentJul 2002
KeslerEric DarrellRevokedConvicted -sexual offense with studentSep 2001
KincaidJamieRevocationOther-Inappropriate behavior with studentsOct. 2012
KingMatthewRevokedConvicted-crimes against natureMar 2009
KnowlesDavid AlanAuto RevokeConvicted - interstate child pornographyNov 2006
KnowlesJosephVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate contact on FacebookApr. 2013
KnowlesJosephVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate contact on FacebookApr. 2013
KochGlenn MichaelSurrenderOther - improper relationship w/ studentNov 2006
KujawskiTammy MaxineRevokedConvicted -safecrackingSep 1996
LambertBilly LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorApr 1994
LancasterCarolynRevokedConvicted - forged letter of recommendationMar 2002
LandrethRichard E.RevokedReciprocity-Fraudulent referenceJan 1988
LandrumDonald M.RevokedOther - admitted romantic conduct w/studentJul 2005
LawsonClarence BernardRevokedConvicted -Jan 1988
LeeWilliamVol. SurrenderPossible assault of a minorNov. 2010
LeftwichKenneth HaskinRevokedConvicted -Fraud, embezzlementAug 1995
LeggetteAdronnaDenialOther-Multiple ConvictionsAug. 2011
LevinerCraigRevokedConvicted of Selling NarcoticsMar 2009
LewisJeffrey F.SurrenderOther - emailed nude photo to minorAug 2003
LillieJames ThurmanRevokedConvicted -possess controlled substanceApr 1999
LineberryStephenVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate texting to studentsApr 2014
LinetskyStephen VictorRevokedReciprocityApr 1994
LintonJerryAuto RevokeConvicted of Indecent LibertiesFeb 2009
LittleBobby GlennRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorFeb 1995
LittleMarkoAuto RevocationConvicted Indecent LibertiesMar. 2010
LittleTimothyAuto RevokedConvicted-Indecent Liberties StudentMay 2011
LloydWilliam GrayRevokedSexual conduct w/studentDec 1990
LloydGene EdwardRevokedConvicted -crime against natureApr 1999
LocklearLisa KayeRevokedConvicted -stolen goods, drugsJun 1996
LongneckerThomas LeroyRevokedOther - Sexual conduct with minorsNov 2006
LovelyBrenda JoyceRevokedFraudulent documentsDec 1996
Lynn IIIClydeRevokedConvicted-sexual offense and cocaine traffickingFeb 2008
MackWillie CliftonRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityJul 2005
MackieBetty G.SurrenderConvicted - sexual relations with studentAug 2002
MacklinLeanneAuto RevokeConvicted sex act with student by teacherJun 2009
MannMichael LewisRevokedLEA dismiss - immorality; Convicted assault childOct 2003
Manning, Jr.Billie JoeRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties: solicit by InternetMar 2001
MartinJohn KirkRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityMar 2005
MartinMichaelRevokedFalsified ApplicationMay 2011
MartinezJesseRevocationOther-Inappropriate Conduct with StudentsOct. 2011
MatneyMarcSurrenderOther-Inappropriate behavior with StudentSept. 2010
MaysBrandon K.SurrenderOther - inapp. conduct w/ F studentJun 2007
McAlduff, Jr.David W.RevokedSexual conduct w/ studentJul 1998
McArthurElazzoa M.RevokedConviction - crimes against nature w/studentJul 2007
McCaskillSandySuspendedQuit w/o noticeMay 2005
McCleesJames StuartRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorSep 1995
McCluneyKeith EverettRevokedSexual conduct w/studentNov 1996
McDonaldMichael RayAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with minorNov 2006
McDonaldGeorgeRevokedConvicted of Drug Possession (on school grounds)Mar 2009
McDonnellVirginia H.SuspendedResign w/o noticeDec 1983
McFaddenDeborahDenialConvicted-ForgeryMay 2013
McKeelJeffrey RayRevokedSexual conduct w/daughterMay 1997
McKinneyVictor KevinRevokedReciprocity-contribute to delinquency of minorDec 1993
McKinney-JacksonHelenSurrenderConvicted - use house for marijuanaJun 2004
McLeodArchieVol. SurrenderConvicted-Disseminating ObscenityMar. 2013
McMillanCharles GrannSurrenderMisrepresentation, testing violationsJun 2005
McNamara IIJamesVol. SurrenderConvicted-Contribute delinquency minorSept.2013
McQuillenBill JamesSurrenderOther - inapp. conduct w/ F studentJun 2007
MeachamSusan M.SuspendedQuit w/o noticeMar 1998
MellorGarrett WayneRevokedsexually molest stepdaughterAug 1996
MeltonDarleneVol. SurrenderConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/MinorJan. 2014
Melton JrDouglas WayneAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with studentDec 2006
MenningDianeVol. SurrenderConvicted-Providing alcohol to minorsDec.2013
MercerMarkAuto RevokeConvicted-Indecent libertiesOct. 2012
MeskillJamesAuto RevocationConvicted-First Degree Sex OffenseJan. 2014
MesserLeslieRevokedOther-Charged with Sex Offense StudentMay 2014
MessengerBrianAuto-RevokeConvicted-Indecent LibertiesMay.2012
MetcalfMatthewRevocationConvicted-Internet Child PornographyJan. 2014
MichaelNicholasRevocationOther-Smoking marijuana with a studentOct. 2013
MidgetteJames CurtisRevokedintercourse with studentDec 1995
MillerSandra RaynorRevokedConvicted -larcenyJun 1995
MillerSusan AileneRevokedforged license documentsFeb 1997
MironesPeter A.RevokedReciprocityNov 2000
MolnarBryan ScottRevokedRecord unavailableSep 1989
MoodyBarryRevocationOther-Inappropriate interactions w/studentOct. 2013
MooreEugene ErnestRevokedRecord unavailableJan 1989
MooreElizabeth L.SuspendedQuit without noticeApr 1999
MooreRichard L.SurrenderOther -Sexual conduct with studentsSep 1999
MooreMyraRevocationConvicted-wire/mail fraudAug. 2012
MooreAndrewAuto RevokeConvicted-Sexual BatteryDec.2013
MorganLee AnthonyRevokedConvicted -attempt to solicit crime against natureAug 1999
MorganRicardo LamontSurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with childApr 2005
MorganLarryAuto RevocationConvicted-Sexual Exploitation of a minorDec. 2011
MorganLarryAuto RevocationConvicted-Sexual Exploitation of a minorDec. 2011
MorlaSethVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate interpersonal relationshipJune.2012
MostellerNicki LeeRevokedConvicted -AWDWMay 1987
MulkeyBradfordAuto RevocationConvicted-Crime against nature/Assault on FemaleApr 2014
MulkeyMarinVol. SurrenderConvicted-Contributing to Delinquency of MinorApr. 2013
MullinaxJerry LelandRevokedOther - improper emails to studentMay 2004
MunfordRaymond L.DenyConvicted -involving cocaineMay 2001
MurphyStevenRevokedOther -inappropriate conduct with studentMay 1999
MurphyFrank LeeRevokedConvicted Statutory RapeMar 2009
MusselwhiteJanet O.SuspendedConvicted -theftMar 1998
MyersDonne AnneRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1996
MyersTracyRevokedConvicted Maintain Dwelling for DrugsMar 2009
NanceDonald AllenRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorJun 1996
NewhardNathanRevokedOther-Inappropriate remarks to female studentFeb 2014
NewsomeStephen LawrenceRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorApr 1994
NicelyDeborahRevocationOther-Revoked in OhioAug. 2011
NicholsErnestAuto RevocationConvicted-Statutory RapeOct. 2011
Nieneke, Jr.Herman RobertRevokedReciprocityNov 1991
NoreKimberlyRevokedOther-Inapproriate relationship with a studentOct 2009
NorfleetBrent O.RevokedConvicted - larceny, drug useJul 2005
NortonJames RobertsRevokedConvicted -assault female; sexual conductJul 1999
NoyesDouglas AlanRevokedReciprocityNov 1991
NuckollsDanielRevocationOther-Falsifying DocumentsJune.2011
OakleyKyleRevokedConvicted-Crimes against NatureJan 2008
OglesbyWanda Sue JonesRevokedConvicted -obtain property by false pretensesJun 1996
OlliverMichael OrlandoSuspendedConvicted-attempted murderJan 2008
OlsonRebeccaAuto RevocationConvicted-Sexual BatteryOct. 2011
OlsonRonaldAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex Act with TeacherMay 2013
OrrJoelVol. SurrenderOther-inappropriate behavior w/studentAug. 2012
OvercashHerman KeithAuto RevokeConvicted of Sex act with StudentJan 2009
OviattPhilip RayRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsMay 1994
OxendineMiriam DeniseRevokedConvicted -solicit child for sex by InternetOct 2001
PaceDavidSurrenderedSolicitation of child by computerDec 2008
PalloVenus K.RevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childOct 2001
PaloJamie DewayneSurrenderConvicted - assault on femaleMar 2004
ParnellSharon ReneeAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties (14 counts)Mar 2005
ParsonsJeffrey HaroldRevokedmolested studentFeb 1995
PateRichard AllenRevokedSexual conduct w/studentMay 1993
Pate, Jr.Hugh GallowayAuto RevokeConvicted - 2nd-degree sexual exploitation/minorJul 2005
PatrickLoriRevokedPositive test for drug use at school/violation of local school drug policyMar 2009
PattersonMichaelRevokedSexual Harrassment/Inappropriate behaviorSep 2009
PearsallPaulVol. SurrenderConvicted-Distribution child pornographyOct. 2013
PearsonDarrell E.RevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMay 1996
PeeryPatty LynnRevokedReciprocitySep 1989
PembertonKentDenyConvicted - A&B; of family memberFeb 2005
PerkinsJasonAuto RevokeConvicted of Exploitation of minorJan 2009
PerkinsLeslieRevocationOther-loss of nursing licenseDec. 2011
PetersTracey Lynn J.RevokedConvicted -embezzlementMar 1998
PetersRichard N.RevokedConvicted -17 counts molesting boysJul 1999
PetersonThomas ArthurRevokedReciprocityApr 1994
PetersonJack AaronRevokedConvicted -sex offense with studentSep 2001
PhillipsBrittanyVol. SurrenderOther-Charged sex offense with studentMay 2014
PhilipsKemp DouglasRevokedOther -sexual intercourse with studentOct 2003
PhillipsJohn BruceRevokedOther-LEA Dismissal for immoralityOct 2003
PiggottDanielSurrenderConvicted-Assault on FemaleDec. 2009
PittsIssacDenialOther-multiple prior convictionsJul 2014
PittmanDavid FordRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsMay 1994
PlattLeonardRevokedConvicted -arsonSep 1995
PlattJoscelyn NatashaRevokedFalsification of documentsDec 2007
PomerleauNicole LynneSurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with studentMar 2005
PooleJoshuaRevokedOther-sexual encounter with a minorJul 2014
PopeAnthony MartinezRevokedRecord unavailableJan 1989
PoplinFelder WayneSumm SuspendedReciprocity; conduct w/ student in GAMay 2004
PoteatHarold WayneRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorApr 1994
Pounds, IIIThomas BenjaminRevokedSexual conduct w/studentSep 1996
PowellJames McDowellRevokedConvicted -drugs, theftSep 1992
PowellGary LynnRevokedOther -sexual touching of female studentsJul 1999
PowellDonald EugeneRevokedOther - abuse of studentsSep 2005
PrattDavid RobertRevokedConvicted -drugsJan 1989
PrattLisaSurrenderedOther-Falsifying InformationMar. 2011
PressleyJasper CharlesRevokedRecord unavailableApr 1983
PricePaul WadeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorSep 1992
PriceMatthewRevokedConvicted-Sex Offense StudentSept. 2010
PriodeRichardRevokedConvicted-Indecent LibertyNov. 2009
PruittMeredithVol. SurrenderConvicted-drug chargesSept. 2012
PryorMichael WilkieSurrenderOther -alleged relationship with studentOct 2001
PuckettHeather ElaineSurrenderOther - claimed AIDS for benefitsMay 2005
PursleyDionneRevocationConvicted-forgery & identity fraudAug. 2011
RabagoJohn RudyAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with childMar 2007
RadjunasJohn BrunnyRevokedOut-of-state theft felonies, COLMar 2005
RajputShebanaRevokedConvicted-Sex Offense StudentDec. 2009
RamirezDennis J.RevokedReciprocityNov 2000
RamseyAlfred EugeneRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1992
RatliffCharles EdwardSurrenderReciprocity - SCApr 2005
RayeTed LouisRevokedSexual conduct w/studentSep 1996
ReaidEdwin DannySurrenderCharged with sex acts with studentsMay 2005
Redmon Jr.Donald GeneSurrenderConvicted - sex acts with studentDec 2003
ReederEricSurrenderConvicted-Indecent ExposureAug. 2010
RhodesJay RayRevokedRecord unavailableMay 1982
RiceMichael AllanRevokedsexual intercourse with studentNov 2000
RicePaul Vol. SurrenderOther-Testing IrregularityFeb. 2013
RiceBrianVol. SurrenderOther-Sending inappropriate text picturesMay.2013
RichJeffreyRevocationOther-Inappropriate behavior with studentsOct. 2012
RichardsonCharlie L.RevokedOther -threatened witness during litigationAug 2000
RichburgJamesRevokedConvicted-Selling NarcoticsMar 2008
RicksKevinAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties with ChildDec. 2010
RielMarkAuto RevocationConvicted-Dissemination of Obscene MaterialFeb. 2012
RileyAnthonyRevokedControlled substance violationDec 2007
RingScottAuto RevocationConviction-Sex Offense StudentJune.2011
RivensGrover BernardRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1995
RoachKenneth NealAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with studentMar 2007
RobertsDante LamonteRevokedConvicted -indecent liberties with childJul 1999
RobertsonGilbert DuncanRevokedCredentialsFeb 1994
RobertsonStevieAuto RevokeConvicted - sex offense w/ studentMar 2006
RobinsonPaul AlanAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual offense w/ studentDec 2005
RobinsonHaroldSurrenderInappropriate behavior with student and school personnelFeb 2008
Robinson IVWilliam B.SurrenderOther -intercourse with studentOct 2003
RockettGrant FRevokedConvicted- Sexual BatteryJan 2008
RogersRichard AllenRevokedRecord unavailableApr 1987
RolandBernadetteVol. SurrenderOther-Possible assault on a childMay 2013
RoseboroClevell SylvesterRevokedConvicted -poss stolen goodsSep 1995
RoseboroCarlton BlandRevokedConvicted -obtain property by false pretensesApr 1992
RoysterRodneyVol. SurrenderConvicted-assault on a femaleMay 2014
Rubio-SerranoAnnibalRevokedConvicted -assault, communicate threatsMar 1997
RudderRobertRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityApr 2004
RushLori Ann BassRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorNov 2000
SafritJeffrey LynnSurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with studentJun 2002
SalazarRoel JumencioRevokedReciprocityMar 2001
SalyerAngelaDenyFalse information on applicationOct 2004
SamuelAmy DeniseSurrenderConvicted- contributing to delinquency of a juvenile, alcoholJan 2008
SamuelKevinAuto RevokeConvicted of Solicitation of child by computerJan 2009
SandersWalter JamesRevokedConvicted -assault childJan 1998
SanfordMichael A.SurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with studentAug 2003
Sanford Jr.Bernard E.Auto RevokeConvicted - murderNov 2006
SarreroJoseph JohnRevokedConvicted -hit & runMar 1998
SavilleDaneRevokedOther-Inappropriate communications on FacebookFeb 2014
SchaenmanJohn G.RevokedSexual conduct w/studentMay 1998
SchickMary Margaret M.RevokedRecord unavailableFeb 1977
SchmittSheri KayeRevokedOther - admitted sex with studentMar 2005
SchooleyPaul MartinSurrenderOther -alleged relationship with studentOct 2001
SchulzFrank Carl Jr.RevokedSexual conduct w/studentDec 1996
SchwartzBarry LesterRevokedRecord unavailableJan 1988
SchwenkerJohn ParkerSurrenderConvicted - 6 assault on femaleFeb 2004
ScottThomas EdwardRevokedSexual conduct w/studentSep 1996
SealeJerry P.Auto RevokeConvicted of Indecent LibertiesJan 2009
SessomsStephenSurrendered Inappropriate sexual comments to studentsMar. 2011
ShaferJason LeeRevokedConvicted - sexual exploitation of minorJul 2005
ShankRakesha L.RevokedInappropriate relationship with studentMar 2008
ShantonGregoryDenialOther-Medical license indefinately suspendedOct. 2013
ShantonGregoryDenialOther-Medical license indefinately suspendedOct. 2013
ShatleyCecil WayneRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMar 1996
SheltonDonna LynnSuspendedQuit w/o noticeMar 1995
ShephardJudith M.RevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1995
ShepherdOllie VanAuto RevocationConvicted Indecent LibertiesApril, 2010
ShieldsDouglas BrantsonRevokedOther -sex with studentMay 1999
ShipmanLeahVol. SurrenderOther-Judge's OrderApr. 2013
ShipwashRobert WayneRevokedSexual conduct w/studentDec 1997
ShoafJenna AliceRevokedConvicted - assault handicapped studentApr 2004
SilverWillie TerrellRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with studentJul 2005
SimmonsIsaiahRevokedConvicted of False PretensesJan 2009
SimpsonGregory DevonRevokedConvicted -attempted arsonOct 1995
SinkhornDanielVol. SurrenderConvicted-Indecent Liberties Custodial (VA)Jul 2014
SkatrudJohnAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/a minorSep 2011
SkinnerStevenSurrenderedTaking Inappropriate pictures of femalesFeb. 2011
SloanJeffreyRevocationOther-Falsified DocumentsMay 2013
SmithPhillip CodyRevokedReciprocityMar 1989
SmithMarcusRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityMar 1993
SmithMitchell L.RevokedConvicted -assault female, sexual offenderMay 1999
SmithStephanie ReneeAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual offense w/ studentDec 2005
SmithKatoDeniedPast criminal ConvictionsFeb 2008
SmithKoreenDenialFlorida Revocation-moral turpitudeFeb. 2011
SmithCandaceVol. SurrenderConvicted-drug chargesNov. 2012
SmithGregoryAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex act w/student by teacherOct. 2013
SmithBrandonVol. SurrenderConvicted-Sexual Battery/Assault on FemaleNov.2013
Smith, Jr.Bill JosephRevokedConvicted - felony drug possessionJul 2005
Smoak, Jr.Lee MendellSurrenderuse of school computer for sexual purposesNov 2000
SmothersMeganSurrenderInappropriate Relationship with StudentJul. 2010
SniderDarby JackRevokedSexual conduct w/studentsMay 1997
SnowWinfred LeoSurrenderConvicted - sex offense, indecent lib. w/ childSep 2003
SpellJason ScottRevokedConvicted - 1st degree sexual offenseJan 2003
SpellerPearless LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorJul 1994
SpencerBlake LeeRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with childAug 2003
SpurlockLaurie AnneAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual act with studentDec 2006
SquirewellJames McCantsRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorMar 1998
StamKyle RichardRevokedSexual conduct w/studentNov 2000
StatonJames E.RevokedRecord unavailableFeb 1984
Stell, IIINewton RansomRevokedRecord unavailableOct 1980
StephensWinstonAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties June. 2013
StevensCharles LorenzoAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual battery, ind. lib. w/ studentSep 2006
StilesJeffrey KeithRevokedConvicted -solicit crime against natureSep 1998
StockstillJames WilliamRevokedOther -testing violationsDec 2000
StricklandJohnRevokedConvicted-Possession of DrugsMar. 2012
StroudWilliam AllenRevokedSexual conduct w/ studentsSep 1998
SuggsLaVerne KathleenRevokedFraudDec 1993
SummittTammyRevokedTesting violationsDec 2007
SupakMichaelRevocationConvicted-Contributing to the Delinquency of a MinorJan. 2014
SutherlandJames W.RevokedImmorality, dismissed teacherDec 2007
SwaffordJames AaronRevokedSexual relationship w/studentDec 2007
SwannJoel BrentRevokedConvicted -rape, kidnappingMar 2001
SwartzKatieSurrenderOther-Inappropriate sexual activity w/studentsFeb. 2012
Sweat-MelanconHeatherRevokedConvicted - controlled substances violationDec 2007
SweeneyJohnVol. SurrenderOther-Charged Soliciting Child w/ComputerJan. 2014
TankersleyClyde JamesRevokedConvicted - indecent libertiesJul 1994
TannRodneyRevocationOther-Falsify Employment DocumentsDec.2013
TateRobin AntoinetteRevokedConvicted -embezzleDec 1995
TaylorWesley AllenRevokedConvicted -AWDWSep 1995
TaylorHerman LeroyRevokedConvicted -drugsSep 1997
Taylor, IIIWilliam NathanielRevokedOther -Sexual conduct with studentMay 2001
Taylor, Jr.DanielVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate use of "Twitter" and "Facebook accountMay 2013
TerryRuben LaneRevokedOther -Sexual conduct with studentSep 1997
TewKatherine BakerAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties with studentAug 2006
ThomasElizabeth LeighRevokedTaking school moneySep 1996
ThompsonChristopher P.SurrenderOther -kissing student, datingJul 2001
TillmanWilliamAuto RevokedConvicted-Sexual Exploitation of MinorMay 2011
TilsonThomas A.RevokedOther -admitted sex with studentsDec 2000
TiptonDeborahVol. SurrenderConvicted-Sexual Exploitation of ChildDec.2013
TitchnerChristopherVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate CommentsMar. 2013
ToddJeryl DarcelRevokedConvicted -drugsAug 1995
ToddKelly-JoRevokedLEA dismissal - immoralityJul 2005
ToledoRodolfo R.RevokedOther - Sexual conduct w/ studentJul 2006
TrainorLisa AnnSurrenderOther -commercial sex site on InternetOct. 1998
TraderMeganRevocationConvicted-Prepare Obscene FilmJan. 2014
TrimbleJudith Lynn KingRevokedConvicted -embezzlementDec 1994
TrimbleSheryl KayRevokedConvicted -embezzlementDec 1994
TrivetteMeganRevocationOther-Inappropriate interactions w/studentOct. 2013
TuckerEvelyn DeniseRevokedSubmitting false PRAXIS scoreJan 2003
TunnicliffDavid LeeAuto RevokeConvicted - lewd acts with child under 13Jun 2007
TurnerUlysess aka UlessesRevokedFalsification on applicationMar 2009
TurnerChadwickVol. SurrenderOther-inappropriate behavior w/studentSept. 2012
TyeMichaelAuto RevokeConvicted Indecent Liberties w/studentJun 2009
UdofiaEmenSuspensionOther-Misdemeanor LarcenyJune.2011
UnderwoodDeborahAuto RevokeConvicted-Indecent Liberties with StudentDec.2013
UrbanikWilliamVol. SurrenderViewing porn on school computerDec. 2010
VaidaChristopher JamesDenyOther -relationship with studentSep 1988
Van BurenKengRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with child (3)Jan 2003
VangDavidDenialOther-Vol. surrender of license in GAJul 2014
VarellaEdmundo V.SuspendedQuit without noticeApr 1999
VaughnCaseyDeniedOther-Revoked GeorgiaOct. 2011
VerseBethDeniedReprimand-FloridaDec. 2010
VonBurgRichard KirkRevokedRecord unavailableNov 1982
WaddellAngela GrubbsRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with childOct 2002
WaddellStevenAuto RevokeConvicted-Indecent LibertiesMar. 2011
WaffordJoseph EarlRevokedSexual conduct w/studentAug 1996
WaldronPreston L.RevokedNo JROTC certificate; sex site on InternetMay 2001
WalkerJimmy JackSurrenderedConvicted of Indecent LibertiesDec 2008
Walker, IIIFrank PattonDenyConvicted -battery of child, spousal abuseJul 1999
Walker, Jr.CarsellRevokedOther -Sexual conduct with studentsMay 2001
WallaceGeorge RobertSurrenderImmoral Conduct w/male studentsJan 1995
WalstonTyrone O'NealRevokedConvicted - make bomb threatJul 2005
WardJames MichaelAuto RevokeConvicted - indecent liberties, sexual exploitationJul 2007
WardDouglasRevocationOther-Failure to administer testsMay, 2010
WardJohn A.Auto RevocationConvicted-Sexual BatteryJan. 2014
WarrickRobertAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent LibertiesJan. 2013
WatfordJames CliftonRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorOct 1995
WatfordJohn E.SurrenderReciprocity - GeorgiaAug 2005
WatkinsRobert WilliamRevokedConvicted-sex offenses and indecent liberties with studentsJan 2008
Watson, Jr.DavidDeniedOther-Allegations of improper relationship w/studentMay 2014
WattersDerrick RashadRevokedOther - use of school computer for pornSep 2005
WeaverJoseph MartinSurrenderOther -sexual relationship with studentJul 2001
WeaverTimothy ChristianRevokedOther - sexual relationship with studentAug 2003
WebbDavid EugeneRevokedConvicted-contributing to delinquency of a minorFeb 2008
WebbEverette L.SurrenderResignationMar 2008
WellsKarl, IIVol. SurrenderOther-Charged with Indecent Liberties StudentMar. 2012
WetterScott MartinRevokedConvicted -drugs;LEA dismiss-immoralityDec 2000
WhedbeeCharlesAuto RevokeConvicted Indecent Liberties w/childJun 2009
WhitakerGarland ReddenSurrenderOther - inappropriate conduct w/studentsApr 2005
WhiteKeith PatrickRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorAug 1994
WhiteMichelleVol. SurrenderOther-Inappropriate conduct w/studentMay 2014
WhiteJoshuaAuto RevocationConvicted-Indecent Liberties w/a minorNov. 2011
WhiteDwayneRevocationOther-Inappropriate texting with studentNov. 2012
WhiteChristopherAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex Act with StudentJan. 2013
WhitleyCharles BeverlySuspendedMaterial misrepresentationApr 1998
WigginsKevin CarterSurrenderConvicted - 2 AOFJul 2003
WigginsTawanaReprimandOther-Testing ViolationsOct. 2013
WilkinsCharles A.Auto RevokeConvicted of Indecent LibertiesJan 2009
WilliamsRussellDenyConvicted -felonious obtain prop. by false pretenseDec 1998
WilliamsCharles RichardRevokedOther -inappropriate conduct with F StudentJul 1999
WilliamsAmber D.SurrenderConvicted - indecent liberties with child (3)Dec 2002
WilliamsRoger B.Auto RevocationConvicted-Sexual Battery 
WilliamsDennisRevokedConvicted of Assault on femaleMar 2009
WilliamsonEdward H.Auto RevocationConvicted Sex Offense studentJune, 2010
WillinghamRadaemesReprimandOther-Unprofessional behavior w/studentMar 2014
WilsonElaine NancyRevokedReciprocity-verbal abuse kidsApr 1995
WilsonBobby RayRevokedConvicted -murderMay 1996
WilsonLionelRevokedConvicted-Sol. To Commit Felony (drugs)May-09
WilsonKimberlyDeniedOther-License revoked in GeorgiaJune, 2010
WingerDonaldSurrenderConvicted-Sexual BatteryAug. 2010
WinsteadRoderick MileRevokedConvicted - indecent liberties with minorAug 1995
WintersMarlon L.RevokedReciprocityDec 1990
WisemanSusan ElizabethSurrenderOther - improper relationship w/ studentAug 2006
WisenantAnne HarbisonRevokedOther -admitted use of cocaineJul 2002
WishnaskJessicaAuto RevocationConvicted Indecent LibertiesJune, 2010
WitcherRussellRevokedConvicted-Assault on a Handicapped ChildApr. 2012
WithrowRebecca SueRevokedConvicted-sex offense with a studentJun 2007
WittgreenAdolfo IsaacAuto RevokeConvicted - sex offense w/ childJun 2007
WolfeChristineRevokedConvicted Assault on Handicapped PersonMar 2009
WoodJeremiah HowardRevokedConvicted-sexual batteryFeb 2008
WoodsJennifer H.SuspendedQuit without noticeApr 1999
WrightDelores FayeRevokedforged documentsMay 1993
WrightRoy GeneSurrenderOther -Sexual conduct with studentsJun 2000
WrightGretchenRevokedConvicted Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaMar 2009
WycheBenjaminRevokedLying on applicationJul. 2010
YarbroughAmyAuto RevokeConvicted-Indecent Liberties with StudentAug. 2010
YearyRaphaelAuto RevocationConvicted-Sex Offense StudentDec. 2011
YoungAlan E.SurrenderOther -romantic relationship with studentAug 1984
YoungRobertSurrenderConvicted-Indecent Language over phone to minorSept. 2011
YoungbloodHarry HubbardRevokedRecord unavailableMay 1988
ZapataIris LauraRevokedReciprocityDec 1990
ZeiglerJan MorrisRevokedConvicted - felony drug possessionJul 2005
ZeltmanStephen GeorgeAuto RevokeConvicted - sexual relations with studentMar 2007
ZickefooseBrian HunterSurrenderConvicted-multiple cocaine chargesFeb 2008
ZimmermanAnthonyReprimandOther-Violation testing code of ethicsJun 2011
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