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Chapter Eight

The North Carolina Education Cabinet

The North Carolina Education Cabinet
The General Assembly, in GS 116C-1, created the North Carolina Education Cabinet in 1992 to ensure cooperation among all entities of the state's education system. The cabinet consists of the Governor, who serves as the Chair, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Chair of the State Board of Education, the President of the University of North Carolina, and the President of the North Carolina Community College System. The President of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, through legislative action, was recently added to the Cabinet membership. These education leaders work together to resolve issues between existing providers of public education and to develop a strategic design for a continuum of education programs. A formal meeting of the members of the state's three education governing boards and the cooperating governing board of the independent colleges and universities is held annually to discuss issues that complement the structure, funding and responsibilities of the systems.

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