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State Board of Education Policy Manual


This website contains the official policies of the North Carolina State Board of Education (NCSBE).  These policies are intended to move us forward toward the full implementation of all federal regulations, North Carolina General Statutes, and NCSBE goals and priorities.  This process causes constant change, moving ever forward on the road to improving public education in the state.

This online presentation of the NCSBE's Policy Manual is an electronic representation of the currently adopted policies and was created to provide an easily accessible online reference that can be updated as policies and procedures change.  It does not reflect updating activities currently in progress, that have not received the NCSBE's approval.  We strive to post policy updates within one week of the State Board’s approval at its monthly meeting.

Effective February 1, 2017, the NCSBE Policy Manual website was updated both to a new look and to a new policy coding system.  Policy identification codes have been shortened and the first four letters are now an acronym for the subject area of the policy category (e.g., Accountability = ACCT; Graduation = GRAD; etc.), not the NCSBE committees’ acronyms.   If you need assistance in finding an NCSBE policy, please click on the SBE Policy Category/Code Crosswalk link below.   

We trust your visit to our website will be productive and informative. Comments regarding our website are welcomed.  Please visit our website for policy guidance

William Cobey, Chairman, NCSBE

SBE Policy Category/Code Crosswalk
A helpful reference guide for associating old and new policy structure.


Need Information Regarding NCSBE Policies?
A listing of the Areas and Divisions that make up the Department of Public Instruction, the leader of those areas and divisions along with an appropriate telephone number for obtaining information. Written correspondence should be mailed to the appropriate area or division at the NC Department of Public Instruction.

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