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Graduation Requirements and Related Policies (GRAD)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
GRAD-001 Authority for local school boards to exceed minimum graduation requirements 2009-10-01 published
GRAD-003 NC Academic Scholars Program 2009-07-09 published
GRAD-004 State Graduation Requirements 2017-07-06 published
GRAD-005 Special High School Diplomas for World War II, Korean Conflict and Vietnam Era Veterans 2016-07-07 published
GRAD-006 Ninth Grade Students Accelerated Preparation for College Entry 2005-11-03 published
GRAD-007 High School Diploma Endorsements 2016-03-03 published
GRAD-008 Advanced Courses Satisfying Graduation Requirements 2017-06-01 published
GRAD-009 High school transcript standards 2017-06-01 published
GRAD-010 Graduation Certificates and Participation for Students with Disabilities 2017-11-02 published

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