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Cohort Graduation Rate

Policy TitleCohort Graduation Rate
Policy CategoryAccountability Model (ACCT)
Policy IDACCT-039
Policy Date2015-03-05

Formerly GCS-C-039

North Carolina reports four-year and five-year cohort graduation rates as defined by the National Governor’s Association’s (NGA). The definition establishes a school-based cohort at the beginning of ninth grade which is modified if students transfer to another school or if new students enroll. At the conclusion of the fourth year, and then the fifth year, the percent of students in the cohort who complete the requirements of graduation are reported as the cohort graduation rate. As specified in the cohort graduation rate, all students designated as graduates have met the same requirements for a standard diploma. Any student who receives a standard diploma awarded in collaboration with a community college and signed by a local superintendent shall be considered a high school graduate and shall be included in the four-year and five-year cohort as appropriate.


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