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Appointments to Advisory Committees to the State Board of Education

Policy TitleAppointments to Advisory Committees to the State Board of Education
Policy CategoryAdvisory Committees (ADVS)
Policy IDADVS-002
Policy Date1975-08-07

Formerly TCS-B-002


Procedures governing appointments to various advisory committees to the State Board of Education:

  1. Make and keep updated information about all Committees to be named.  Include a brief description of duties, composition, length of term, etc., as well as the statutes requiring the committees.
  2. Notify Board members in writing two months prior to meeting when committee appointments are to be made.
  3. Give individual Board members one month in which to make nominations.
  4. Furnish Board members a list of all nominees and particulars one month prior to decision date.  Include addresses, telephone numbers, and other information about nominees.
  5. Appointments will be made by State Board two months following number 2 above.
  6. Staff and State Superintendent will furnish lists of nominees on same basis as Board members, unless otherwise required.
  7. State Superintendent will arrange list of nominees for number 5 above so as to assure equity in representation, compliance with laws, regulations, etc.
  8. All vacancies will be filled from original list of nominees by Board.  If original list is depleted, State Superintendent  will furnish additional nominees.
  9. Every effort will be made by all who furnish nominees to provide for proper representation--sex, race, geography, economics, etc.
  10. Appointees will be notified by State Superintendent and/or Secretary of the Board following Board action.  Board members and others making nominations should be reasonably sure that nominees will serve before nominations are made.

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