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Purpose and Composition of the SBE's Compliance Commission for Accountability

Policy TitlePurpose and Composition of the SBE's Compliance Commission for Accountability
Policy CategoryAdvisory Committees (ADVS)
Policy IDADVS-000
Policy Date2016-12-01
Previous Policy Dates07/10/1997, 07/11/2002, 03/06/2003, 10/07/2004, 12/02/2010

Formerly TCS-B-000

a.  The purpose of the Compliance Commission for Accountability shall be to advise and to make recommendations to the State Board of Education (SBE) through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) on testing issues and other issues related to school accountability and improvement.

The State Board, after discussing issues related to testing and accountability as presented by the NCDPI, may request that the Compliance Commission further discuss such issues and make recommendations to the Board.

Issues the Commission may discuss include the following:

  1. proposed changes to the state’s accountability program
  2. the testing code of ethics
  3. test security and administration
  4. auditing procedures to ensure integrity of the testing and accountability programs
  5. the relationship of testing to other aspects of schooling, and
  6. other issues related to testing and accountability as deemed appropriate by the SBE.

b. The Commission shall:

    1. Consider requests from schools that desire to be exempt from participating in field test(s)/special studies and shall make a recommendation to the SBE on such requests.

c. Upon recommendation by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the SBE shall approve appointments to the Compliance Commission consisting of 22 members in accordance with the procedures stated in SBE Policy ADVS-002 (Appointments to Advisory Committees to the State Board of Education), who shall represent the following categories:

    1. - Four shall be teachers
      - Five shall be principals representing elementary, middle, and high schools.
      - Four shall be from central office staffs, (at least one must represent Exceptional Children),
      - Two shall represent local boards of education
      - One shall represent NC charter schools
      - Two shall be members of the business community
      - One shall be a parent representative
      - One shall represent higher education, and
      - Two shall be at-large

To the extent possible, members will be appointed from the eight education districts (as defined in G.S. §115C-65) to keep the Commission balanced geographically and professionally.

2. Terms of membership shall be for four years, be staggered, and shall run through December 31. Members may be reappointed by the SBE for one additional term

3. As Commission members are replaced, the SBE shall, to the extent possible, recommend and approve replacements to keep the Commission balanced geographically and professionally.

4. A member of the SBE as designated by the State Board membership shall sit on the Commission as a non-voting ex-officio member.

d. The SBE shall appoint a chair from the membership of the Commission. The Chair shall serve for two years.

e. The Commission shall elect a Vice-Chair from its membership.

f. The Commission shall meet at least annually. The SBE shall determine if the Commission needs to meet to discuss an issue.

g. The Department of Public Instruction, Division of Accountability Services, shall staff the Commission and shall develop the agendas for the scheduled meetings in conjunction with the Commission’s Chair. Draft minutes of the Commission meetings shall be provided to the SBE within one month following each meeting, with official approved minutes being shared with the SBE following approval by the Commission.


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