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ESEA Committee of Practitioners

Policy TitleESEA Committee of Practitioners
Policy CategoryAdvisory Committees (ADVS)
Policy IDADVS-011
Policy Date2016-04-01
Statutory ReferenceEvery Student Succeeds Act, Section 1603(b)I

Formerly TCS-B-011

  1. Purpose
    1. The Committee of Practitioners (“Committee”) is established as an advisory committee to the State Board of Education (“SBE” or “State Board”). The purpose of the Committee is to advise the State in carrying out its responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act (“ESSA”).
  2. Duties
    1. The duties of the Committee are solely advisory and include:
      1. To advise the State in carrying out its responsibilities under the ESSA;
      2. To review, before publication, any proposed or final State rule or regulation created pursuant to the ESSA; and
      3. To carry out any other responsibility as directed by federal law or the State Board.
    2. In an emergency situation where such rule or regulation must be issued within a very limited time to assist local education agencies with the operation of the program under the ESSA, the State Board may issue a regulation without prior consultation, but shall immediately thereafter convene the Committee to review the emergency regulation before issuance in final form. 

 C.    Membership

    1. All members shall be appointed by the State Board and shall be residents of North Carolina with a demonstrated commitment to public education.
    2. The Committee shall consist of 23 members as follows to include representatives from local education agencies as a majority of its members;
      1. eight administrators, including the administrators of programs described in other parts of the ESSA;
      2. two teachers selected from traditional public schools, charter schools, or career and technical educators;
      3. two principals or other school leaders;
      4. two parents;
      5. two members of local school boards;
      6. two representatives of private school children;
      7. two specialized instructional support personnel or  paraprofessionals (teacher assistants);
      8. one representative of authorized public chartering agencies; and
      9. two charter school leaders
    3. Staff from the Department of Public Instruction shall attend Committee meetings.

 D.  Terms of Office

    1. The initial term of office shall be for two or three years beginning July 1 and ending June 30. The State Board of Education shall designate two-year and three-year term limits for initial members of the Committee. Committee membership terms will be staggered, thereby permitting new appointments to be made while retaining some experienced members. 
    2. All subsequent appointments will be two-year terms.  A member could serve a maximum of two terms consecutively with a required separation of two years before receiving a third term appointment.
    3. The SBE shall fill vacancies on the Committee and shall approve reappointments to the Committee.
    4. The Committee shall annually elect a Chair and Vice Chair from one of the members appointed in subsection (C)(2).  

 E. Procedures

    1. The Committee shall meet at least biannually during the school year or as often as necessary to conduct its business.
    2. Meetings shall be open to the public.
    3. Official minutes must be kept of all meetings and must be made available to the public upon request.
    4. All meetings and agenda items must be announced in advance to allow interested parties a reasonable opportunity to attend.
    5. Each member shall serve without compensation by the State; however, the State may reimburse the members for reasonable and necessary expenses for attending meetings and performing duties.  


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