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North Carolina Driver Education Advisory Committee

Policy TitleNorth Carolina Driver Education Advisory Committee
Policy CategoryAdvisory Committees (ADVS)
Policy IDADVS-008
Policy Date2013-09-05
Statutory Reference GS 115C-215

Formerly TCS-B-008

  1. The purpose of the North Carolina Driver Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) shall be to advise and make recommendations to the State Board of Education through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction on the implementation of the North Carolina Driver Education Strategic Plan and other issues related to driver education and traffic safety.
  2. The duties of the Committee are solely advisory.  Duties of the DEAC shall be to
    1. Advise and confer on matters pertaining to the establishment of rules necessary to carry out the duties of the Driver Education Program and the implementation of the North Carolina Driver Education Strategic Plan.
    2. Review and update guidelines for the operation of the Driver Education Program.
    3. Promote the positive effects of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program.
    4. Foster partnerships with the NC Division of Motor Vehicles including testing, instructor training, driving school regulations and related protocol.
    5. Provide a communication channel between driver education and stakeholders.
    6. Stimulate public awareness of driver education needs and contributions.
    7. Serve as an advocate of driver education.
    8. Influence driver education support through appropriate channels.
    9. Lend credibility to driver education programs.
  3. Upon recommendation by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education shall approve appointments of up to a maximum of nineteen voting members. Committee members shall have expertise relevant to the functions of the Committee. The Committee shall have voting members from the following groups:
    1. NC Department of Public Instruction
    2. NC Department of Transportation and Division of Motor Vehicles
    3. UNC Highway Safety Research Center
    4. NC Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association 
    5. Commercial Driving Schools
    6. LEA Coordinators/Teachers
    7. University/Community College 
    8. Law Enforcement
    9. NC Department of Insurance
    10. PTA Representative
    11. Student Representative
  4. The required qualities for membership are as follows:
    1. General interest and expertise in driver education related matters.
    2. Preparation for and commitment to attend the meetings regularly.
    3. Ability to grasp the details of proposals and make a positive contribution to meetings.
    4. Readiness to work as part of a team in reaching decisions.
    5. Discretion to keep the Committee's work confidential.
    6. Appreciation of the political and financial context in which driver education operates and of the Committee's advisory role.
  5. The Driver Education Consultant from the NC Department of Public Instruction shall serve as staff to the DEAC.
  6. Meetings will be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order.  The Committee convenes on the third Tuesday in the months of February, May, August and November. Meetings are scheduled from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Members are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis, some of which may be held virtually. 
  7. Additional meetings shall be scheduled, as needed, at times and places when deemed appropriate. The committee Chair, in consultation with the advisory committee members and Driver Education Consultant, will prepare an agenda for the meeting which shall be printed and distributed by DPI and supplied to the members and SBE, not less than 10 days prior to each meeting. An electronic summary of the minutes shall be furnished to all members, in a timely fashion and posted on the NCDPI website, under the Driver Education section, after adoption. The first item of the agenda at any meeting shall be to approve and amend the last meeting’s minutes.
  8. The meetings shall be open to the public. Notice of all meetings shall be given to the public via the NCDPI Communications Office. Locations for two meetings will be in Raleigh at the selection of the Chairperson. The other two meetings may be scheduled throughout the state.
  9. The NC Department of Public Instruction, with monies from the Highway Fund for the Driver Education Program, shall provide financial and administrative support to the Driver Education Advisory Committee, as allowed and funded by the General Assembly.
  10. When necessary, members shall be reimbursed for mileage.  A member who is receiving a salary from the state shall not receive compensation other than mileage expenses incurred in such service.
  11. To facilitate functioning of the Committee, subcommittee(s) may be formed. The objectives of the subcommittee(s) are to provide advice and recommendations to the Committee with respect to matters related to the duties of the Committee. Subcommittees shall meet, as the Committee deems appropriate.
  12. A quorum shall consist of a majority of total number of voting committee members.
  13. The initial term of office shall be for two or three years beginning July 1 and ending June 30. The State Board of Education shall designate two-year and three-year term limits for initial members of the advisory committee. Committee membership terms will be staggered; thereby permitting new appointments to be made while retaining some experienced members.  All subsequent appointments will be two-year terms.  A member could serve a maximum of two terms consecutively with a required separation of two years before receiving a third term appointment. The SBE shall fill vacancies on the Committee and shall approve reappointments to the Committee. Two full terms may be served after fulfilling an unexpired term.
  14. The State Board of Education shall appoint a Chair from the membership of the Committee.  The Chairperson shall serve as Chair for two years.  A committee member may not serve for more than two consecutive terms as Chairperson. 
  15. The DEAC shall elect a Vice-Chair from its membership.  The Vice-Chair shall serve for two years.  A committee member may not serve for more than two consecutive terms as Vice-Chair.

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