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Career and Technical Education Youth Organizations Support

Policy TitleCareer and Technical Education Youth Organizations Support
Policy CategoryCareer and Technical Education (CTED)
Policy IDCTED-002
Policy Date1972-02-03

Formerly GCS-I-002

Policy Supporting Youth Organizations in Vocational and Technical Education 

"Youth organizations shall be organized as integral parts of vocational and technical education instructional programs in public schools to complement and enrich instruction.  Local plans for vocational and technical education shall contain adequate provision for the support of each youth organization affiliated with the vocational and technical education program(s) offered in each school"; and

That the State Department of Public Instruction promote and support youth organizations and vocational and technical education by

  1. Informing all appropriate LEA personnel regarding the policy adopted by the Board
  2. Encouraging appropriate LEA personnel to make provision for youth organizations to meet periodically during the school day to conduct youth programs and activities
  3. Encouraging all vocational and technical education teachers to assume some responsibility for planning and implementation of organized youth club activities
  4. Providing appropriate per-service and in-service education programs to assist teachers in the effective performance of their duties and responsibilities in youth organization programs
  5.   Planning for the continuous systematic evaluation of youth organizations as a part of program evaluation 

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