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Public School Employee Charter Schools Administration (CHTR)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
CHTR-001 Charter School Accountability Requirements 2013-10-03 published
CHTR-003 Charter Schools Student Admission 2013-10-03 published
CHTR-004 Liability Insurance for Charter Schools 2005-01-07 published
CHTR-006 Charter Schools Financial and Governance Noncompliance 2017-08-03 published
CHTR-007 Charter Schools Renewal Process 2018-10-04 published
CHTR-010 Continually Low-Performing Charter Schools 2017-03-02 published
CHTR-012 Charter School Application and Review Process 2017-03-02 published
CHTR-013 Planning Year for New Preliminary Charter Schools 2017-06-01 published
CHTR-014 Charter Amendments for Existing Public Charter Schools 2017-06-01 published
CHTR-016 Fast Track Replication of High Quality Charter Schools 2018-07-05 published
CHTR-017 Charter Schools Process for Assumption of Inadequately Performing Charter Schools 2015-04-02 published
CHTR-018 Virtual Charter Schools Attendance and Membership 2015-08-20 published
CHTR-019 Charter Schools Policy Process 2016-01-07 published
CHTR-020 Alternative Charter School Designation Policy 2017-03-02 published
CHTR-021 Management Organizations and Support Organizations 2018-07-05 published

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