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Planning Year for New Preliminary Charter Schools

Policy TitlePlanning Year for New Preliminary Charter Schools
Policy CategoryPublic School Employee Charter Schools Administration (CHTR)
Policy IDCHTR-013
Policy Date2017-06-01
Previous Policy Dates 11/02/2006, 10/03/2013, 11/06/2014


Formerly TCS-U-013

  1. Planning Year for New Charter School

    All new nonprofit boards receiving a charter must participate in a year-long planning program prior to the charter school’s opening for students. The planning year provides an applicant time to prepare for the implementation of the school’s curricular, financial, marketing, and facility plans. During this planning year, regular meetings are held with the Board of Directors and consultants from the Office of Charter Schools to provide information on the following topics: school opening plans, staff development, finance, governance, board training, marketing, policies and procedures, securing a school site, and hiring a school administrator.

    Final approval of the charter will be contingent upon successfully completing all of the planning program requirements.
  2.  Acceleration
    1. The State Board of Education, in its discretion, may accelerate the mandatory planning year to increase the number of high quality charter schools. In considering whether to accelerate the planning year, the applicant must meet the following requirements:
      1. Demonstrate a clear and compelling need for the accelerated planning year;
      2. Demonstrate an exceptional need for the charter school in the proposed location;
      3. Agree to participate in the planning year while the charter application is being reviewed without any guarantee of charter award; and
      4. Demonstrate that there is a facility identified by the applicant that is feasible for opening on an accelerated schedule.
    2. Once evidence for the requirements has been verified, the State Board will also consider the presence or absence of the following factors in making its determination:
      1. Unique mission and educational program.
      2. Local, state, and national nonprofit partnerships committed to assisting the school.
      3. Potential for economic and educational development of the region.
      4. Mentoring by a successful organization that has experience in creating public schools.
      5. Obstacles to educational reform efforts that leave chartering as an available option.
      6. Commitment to work with a successful charter school board as a guiding mentor.
      7. The length of time the nonprofit corporation has existed.
      8. Whether the proposed board has previously or currently operates a successful public charter school.
    3. The above list is not exclusive or controlling and is intended to guide the exercise of the State Board’s discretion. An applicant requesting acceleration must submit the request to the State Board of Education prior to the application due date for consideration.


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