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Virtual Charter Schools Attendance and Membership

Policy TitleVirtual Charter Schools Attendance and Membership
Policy CategoryPublic School Employee Charter Schools Administration (CHTR)
Policy IDCHTR-018
Policy Date2015-08-20

Formerly TCS-U-018

This policy for virtual charter schools modifies the State Board of Education policies related to attendance and membership, as outlined in the School Attendance and Student Accounting Manual, to reflect the nature of virtual education.  Nothing in this policy waives the requirement that virtual charter schools use the Statewide student information system to record and report school and student data.


This policy applies only to the pilot virtual charter schools approved by the State Board of Education on February 5, 2015.


A. Attendance

  1. A Virtual charter school is not required to record and report daily attendance to the Department of Public Instruction.  A virtual charter school is required to keep records of student activity (as defined by the school, consistent with its approved charter) by course and shall report that information to the Department of Public Instruction within fifteen days at the end of each school month.


B. Membership

  1. A virtual charter school shall define a full instructional course load for each grade level it offers.  A student is required to be enrolled for at least half of the instructional course load to be considered in membership at the virtual charter school.
  2. A student’s membership shall not begin until the student has actively participated in each of his or her courses.
  3. A student who has no activity (as defined in section A.1. above) for ten consecutive calendar days, excluding holidays, shall be removed from membership by the school.  If and when it is determined the student is not returning to the school and is to be withdrawn, the withdrawal shall be posted on the first day after the student's last day of activity.


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