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Charter Schools Policy Process

Policy TitleCharter Schools Policy Process
Policy CategoryPublic School Employee Charter Schools Administration (CHTR)
Policy IDCHTR-019
Policy Date2016-01-07

Formerly TCS-U-019

  1. It is the intent of the State Board of Education to consult, where practical, with the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) on matters related to charter schools.  The CSAB shall provide policy recommendations to the State Board of Education (SBE) as directed or requested by the SBE.  The CSAB shall make recommendations regarding the adoption of SBE policies in the following areas:
    1. Charter school applications and recommendations for approval or denial;
    2. Requirements and standards for reviewing initial applications and renewal applications;
    3. Provisions of the Charter;
    4. Standards for monitoring and overseeing charter school operations;
    5. Process for terminating, revoking or non-renewing charter schools; and
    6. Any other areas assigned or requested by the SBE.
  2. Absent a specified need to expedite the adoption of a recommended polic,y all policy recommendations will be submitted to the SBE for discussion one month, open for public input for 30 days and shall be considered for action at the next SBE meeting.  All policies recommended by the CSAB shall be subject to the SBE’s policy review process.
  3. Nothing herein shall preclude the SBE from adopting rules or policies or taking any other action consistent with its obligation under the NC Constitution to supervise and maintain the system of free public schools.
  4. Nothing herein shall preclude the SBE from taking any action consistent with its statutory authority under G.S. 115C-218 et seq. to approve charter applications to grant charters, to oversee and monitor charter schools and to revoke charters when necessary or appropriate. 


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