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Accountability Dispute Resolution

Policy TitleAccountability Dispute Resolution
Policy CategoryDistrict and School Transformation (DSTR)
Policy IDDSTR-004
Policy Date2014-06-05
Previous Policy Dates11/01/1997

Formerly GCS-C-004


  1. In the event a local board of education does not accept a school's improvement plan within 60 days after the school initially submitted the plan to the board, the local board or the school may request the SBE to mediate the disagreement.
  2. Either the principal of the school or the local board of education may submit a request for mediation to the Department of Public Instruction, District and School Transformation Division.
  3. The request shall summarize the dispute issues. Both the principal of the school and the chair of the local board of education shall sign the request.
  4. The District and School Transformation Division shall review the request and shall inform the principal of the school and the chair of the local board of education of the time and place for the mediation.
  5. The office of instructional and accountability services shall assign a mediator from persons who have been selected as assistance team members pursuant to G.S. 115C-105.38.
  6. The mediator shall assist the parties to identify options for solving the disagreement.
  7. If the mediator determines that the parties can reach an agreement, the mediator shall suggest language and shall write the agreement. Each party involved shall agree on each part.
  8. Each party shall sign the agreement. The agreement shall become a part of the school's improvement plan. The school shall then submit the improvement plan to the local board of education for its approval.



                    History Note:          Authority G.S. 115C-12(9)c4;

                                                  Eff. November 1, 1997.

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