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Dropouts Referral Process

Policy TitleDropouts Referral Process
Policy CategoryDropouts (DROP)
Policy IDDROP-000
Policy Date2015-09-03
Previous Policy Dates10/02/1987, 01/13/1999, 04/01/2004
Statutory ReferenceGS 115C-47(32)

Formerly GCS-Q-000

    1. When building-level school administrators  determine that a student plans to drop out of school, the administrator  or his/her designee will conduct an exit conference with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s). At a minimum, the individual(s) conducting the conference should:
      1. discuss the reason(s) for the student's decision to drop out and the impact of dropping out (e.g. limited employment and earnings potential); and
      2. provide information on other educational  options.
    2. If, after repeated intervention efforts by school/district personnel, a student chooses to drop out of school, he/she is to be referred to an appropriate option  for further education services.
      1. Referral of a student to appropriate education services shall occur at the time he/she drops out of the high school program in which he/she is currently enrolled.
      2. "Appropriate" shall be defined as that program or service that  best meets the needs of an individual student according to his/her age,  grade, academic ability, and interests.
    3. Referrals shall be documented by the LEA.  Documentation shall include:
      1. Student name, date of birth, grade, address, telephone;
      2. Parent/guardian name, address, telephone;
      3. Date of withdrawal;
      4. Course/credits from transcript;
      5. Assessment data as applicable; and
      6. Identification of appropriate education services with contact information.

The student, his or her parent(s)/guardian(s) and the superintendent/designee shall sign the documentation.  A copy shall be kept in the student’s cumulative folder.

If, at the end of six weeks, the school has not received verification of the student’s enrollment in the program to which he/she was referred, it is suggested that school/district personnel contact that education program to determine the student’s status.  It is recommended that school districts develop a systematic process for follow-up activities regarding dropouts.

4.  At the time a student drops out of the public school, he/she shall be coded W2. Upon his/her entry into another public school, the withdrawal code shall be changed to W1. Students withdrawing from high school prior to graduation to attend a community college Adult Basic Education or GED program shall be coded W2.  Students withdrawing from high school prior to graduation to attend an Adult High School program shall be coded as W2(T) with verification of enrollment.  The number of students coded as W2(T) will be reported annually to the State Board of Education.

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