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Advertising and Commercialism, Solicitation or Selling

Policy TitleAdvertising and Commercialism, Solicitation or Selling
Policy CategoryEducation Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB)
Policy IDESDB-025
Policy Date2016-06-02
Statutory Reference G.S. 115C-98; G.S. 14-238, G.S. 115C-36 and G.S. 115C-47

Formerly GCS-V-025


The Education Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB) shall protect the instructional day and significantly restrict commercial advertising, solicitation and selling on or within the ESDB schools. However, corporate support that maintains the integrity of the learning environment is encouraged.

 Students and the educational program must be the focus of the ESDB schools.  In order to maintain an educational environment conducive to learning and to minimize intrusions upon instructional time, advertising for and promotion of commercial products and services are discouraged during the instructional day.  School officials shall screen and approve the distribution and display of advertising materials and messages publicized through school media or displayed on school property and at school events.

 Protection of Student Privacy


Neither the ESDB nor the school administrators at any school will require students to provide marketing information to vendors either through the provision of personal information or through marketing surveys.  In addition, neither the school system nor any school administrator will enter into any contract for products or services, including electronic media services, in which students are asked to reveal personal information for collection by the providers of such services.  For the purposes of this section, personal information includes, but is not limited to, the student’s name, student’s disability, telephone number, e-mail address and home address.

Solicitation or Selling


  1. There shall be no soliciting from or selling to students or staff on school premises without prior approval of the school director or designee.
  2. When solicitation of funds is conducted in the name of or on behalf of any school, the prior written approval of the school director is required for:
    1. Soliciting outside school premises for funds to support school activities
    2. The sale of products outside school premises by the students or staff of any school to support school activities

     All money collected and expended as the result of such activities shall be recorded in the accounts of the school by the business manager and shall be subject to an annual school audit.

     No employee shall set, as a precondition of membership or participation in any course or school-related activity, endeavor, or function, any requirement calling for an expenditure of money by a parent, guardian, or student, except with the knowledge and consent of the Director or designee.


    This policy does not prohibit staff from requesting that parents pay the annual student activity fee and provide funds for field trips. However, in cases of financial hardship in paying these fees, parents may communicate their needs to the Principal.



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