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Exposure to Infectious Disease Control Plan

Policy TitleExposure to Infectious Disease Control Plan
Policy CategoryEducation Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB)
Policy IDESDB-004
Policy Date2016-06-02
Statutory ReferenceOSHA 29 CFR: Part 1910.1030

 Formerly GCS-V-004

The North Carolina School for the Deaf, Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf and the Governor Morehead School shall establish a comprehensive plan to prevent employee exposure to blood borne pathogens and or other potentially infectious materials and to provide guidelines to staff following occupational exposure.


The Education Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB) schools shall provide a safe working environment for all employees. Policies shall be developed and enforced which decrease the potential for occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens. These practices are to comply with OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910.1030- Occupational Exposure to Blood-borne Pathogens.


ESDB schools shall develop an Exposure Control Plan.  The Plan will be reviewed and updated at least annually and whenever necessary to reflect new or modified tasks and procedures which affect occupational exposure and to reflect new or revised employee positions with occupational exposure. The review and update of such plans shall also:


  1. Reflect changes in technology that eliminate or reduce exposure to blood borne pathogens; and
  2. Document annually consideration and implementation of appropriate commercially available and effective safer medical devices designed to eliminate or minimize occupational exposure.


Input shall be solicited from non-managerial employees, such as Student Health Center staff, which are responsible for direct client care and who are potentially exposed to injuries from contaminated sharps in the identification, evaluation, and selection of effective engineering and work practice controls and shall document the solicitation in the appropriate file.

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