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School Improvement Planning

Policy TitleSchool Improvement Planning
Policy CategoryEducation Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB)
Policy IDESDB-007
Policy Date2016-06-02
Statutory ReferenceG.S. 143B-146.12

Formerly GCS-V-007

The North Carolina School for the Deaf, Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf and the Governor Morehead School shall establish uniform practices for the development and implementation of School Improvement Plans at each residential school which support the 24-hour, five-day week education for residential and day students. 

The strategic School Improvement Plan is developed by a School Improvement Team and they will develop document that guides each school for a three-year period.  All stakeholders (instructional staff, residential staff, support services staff, parents, and community members) shall have a voice on the School Improvement Team.  The School Improvement Plan should address all aspects of the school community which enable every child to master basic skills and knowledge which are the foundation for lifelong learning. 

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