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Unethical Influence

Policy TitleUnethical Influence
Policy CategoryEducation Services for the Deaf and Blind (ESDB)
Policy IDESDB-008
Policy Date2016-06-02
Statutory ReferenceG.S. 115C-36 and 115C-47

Formerly GCS-V-008

The North Carolina School for the Deaf, Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf and the Governor Morehead School shall help protect the safety and welfare of students. 


All school employees shall to refrain from the use of their positions or assignments in ways that could be construed to unfairly or unduly influence students in matters such as:

  1. Recruiting students to participate in private business-type activities operated by the employee apart and separate from the school system.
  2. Advising participation in activities or events which require more than nominal costs for such activities as lunches, dinners, admissions, transportation, and entertainment.
  3. Receiving fees or other consideration for the recruitment, enlistment, or chaperoning of students for private promotions.
  4. Participating in religious activities.
  5. Any other standards of conduct prohibited in State Board Policy, TCS-C-004, Policy regarding Standards of Conduct for the North Carolina Department of Instruction. 


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