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Global Educator Digital Badge Criteria

Policy TitleGlobal Educator Digital Badge Criteria
Policy CategoryEducator Digital Badge (DBDG)
Policy IDDBDG-001
Policy Date2015-10-01
Previous Policy Dates10/02/2014

Formerly TCP-H-001

Educators completing the criteria for the Global Educator Digital Badge do so voluntarily as part of their personal growth goals or as a part of a school or district initiative.

  1. Criteria for Teachers
    1. A candidate for the Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers must successfully complete both of the following:
      1. Document goals to address global awareness elements within the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards as part of the annual professional development plan. The plan will outline any professional development to be completed to address the goals. These  must be aligned to the
        1.  applicable global awareness elements (Ia, IIb, IIIc, IIId, IVf, and Vb) in the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards evaluation system;
        2. North Carolina Standard Course of Study for students.
      2. Complete a minimum of 100 hours or 10.0 continuing education units (CEUs) of global education professional development and a Capstone Project related to the teacher’s global education goals within two years of the documented professional development plan. The Capstone Project must demonstrate the educator’s ability to embed opportunities for students to frame, analyze, communicate, and respond to issues of global significance through instructional practices that meet the content standards and foster students’ global awareness. Global education professional development hours may count towards regular license renewal requirements as general renewal credits. The Capstone Project will include evidence that the teacher’s 2 practice leads to increased student competence in this area. The 100 hours or 10.0 CEUs and the Capstone Project are both overseen by the LEA.
    2. A candidate for the Global Educator Digital Badge for Teachers must complete the Capstone Project and pass the Home Base/Schoolnet review process at the school, district, and state-level to ensure that the Capstone Project exemplifies a strong professional resource for teachers. 
    3. A state-level review team will make the final decision for recommendation for acceptance within Home Base.
    4. Upon the acceptance of the Capstone Project within Home Base/Schoolnet, the teacher’s Global Educator Digital Badge designation will be documented in the Home Base Educator’s Professional Development Profile.
  2. Criteria for other Educators 

The criteria for the following educator categories to attain the Global Educator Digital Badge can be found at this link.

      • Teacher Leadership Specialist 
      • Library Media Coordinators 
      • Instructional Technology Facilitators 
      • School Counselor 
      • Career Development Coordinator 
      • School Social Workers 
      • School Psychologist 
      • Speech Language Pathologist
      • Instructional Central Office Staff
      • Principal/Assistant Principal
      • Superintendent

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