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Evaluations & Qualifications (EVAL)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
EVAL-000 Professional school personnel qualifications 1988-11-05 published
EVAL-001 Job Cassification for Non-Certified Public School Employees 2007-09-16 published
EVAL-004 Teacher Performance Appraisal process 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-005 NC School Executive Evaluation Rubric and Process for School Administrator Evaluation 2010-09-02 published
EVAL-006 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Teachers 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-009 Description and Performance Standards for the Speech Language Specialist, EC Case Manager, Occupational Therapist, and Community Schools Coordinator Positions 2007-07-10 published
EVAL-014 Code of Ethics for North Carolina Educators 1998-02-05 published
EVAL-016 General Staff Development Policies 1991-03-07 published
EVAL-018 Teacher Assignment in Local School Administrative Units Receiving Disadvantaged Student Supplemental Funding 2005-07-01 published
EVAL-019 Collection of Summative Data for Principals and Teachers 2009-12-03 published
EVAL-020 NC Superintendent Evaluation Process and Rubric for Superintendent Evaluation 2010-09-02 published
EVAL-021 NC Central Office Staff Evaluation Process and Rubric for Central Office Staff Evaluation 2010-09-02 published
EVAL-022 Annual Teacher Evaluation Requirement Policy 2011-07-07 published
EVAL-023 Adjunct Instructors in Career and Technical Education 2016-10-06 published
EVAL-024 Clinical Practice in Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) 2018-01-04 published
EVAL-025 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: School Psychologists 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-026 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: School Counseling 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-027 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: School Social Work 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-028 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Instructional Technology Facilitators 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-029 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: School Library Media Coordinators 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-030 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: School Executives 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-031 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Superintendents & Instructional Central Office Staff Members 2016-04-07 published
EVAL-032 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Teacher Leadership Specialists 2017-09-07 published
EVAL-033 Evaluation Standards and Criteria: Career Development Coordinators 2017-09-07 published

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