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General Staff Development Policies

Policy TitleGeneral Staff Development Policies
Policy CategoryEvaluations & Qualifications (EVAL)
Policy IDEVAL-016
Policy Date1991-03-07

Formerly TCP-C-016


  1. The following policies shall apply to all funds from state appropriations or federal or special grants which are to be utilized for staff development which the State Board of Education or the State Superintendent of Public Instruction administers.  Changes in these policies which result from changes in legislation may be implemented before actual revision of the policies by the State Board of Education
  2. The staff development funds covered by these policies are restricted for training and development of personnel employed by local boards of education.
  3. Either the Department of Public Instruction or local school administrative units may use these funds for individual or group training.  Training activities must be directly related to the highest priority assessed needs of local personnel and must be designed to achieve specific training objectives that contribute to school improvement and student achievement.
  4. Staff development funds utilized by the local school administrative units may be used for object code descriptions found in North Carolina Public Schools Uniform Chart of Accounts for Staff Development (K-12), Program Report Code 28.  Expenditures and procedures must conform to provisions in the State Budget Manual and other applicable policies of the State Board of Education.
  5. The State Board of Education will allocate twenty-five percent of its local staff development appropriations equally among all local school administrative units.  The Board will allot the remainder on the basis of average daily membership for the prior school year or projected ADM for the current year, whichever is more.  To the extent possible, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction shall consolidate into one allocation all staff development funds provided to local school administrative units.
  6. Funds utilized by the State Department of Public Instruction to conduct training for public school personnel shall be used for high priority statewide training and shall be approved in advance by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction or designees.  The funds may be utilized for the same purposes and with the same limitations as indicated in part D of these policies.  To the extent possible, staff development funds will be consolidated into company/account/centers under the control of the Assistant State Superintendent of Personnel Services.


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