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Professional school personnel qualifications

Policy TitleProfessional school personnel qualifications
Policy CategoryEvaluations & Qualifications (EVAL)
Policy IDEVAL-000
Policy Date1988-11-05
Previous Policy Dates06/04/1987

Formerly TCP-C-000



Local school administrative units shall employ professional personnel who are highly qualified.  Toward that end the State Board approves teacher education programs and awards licensure to prospective employees.  The State Board believes that all teacher education programs should be rigorous and demanding in order to produce thoroughly prepared graduates.  The State Board also believes that licensure should be awarded on the basis of an applicant's demonstrated scholarship, instructional performance and ability to motivate students.  The State Board authorizes and directs the staff of the Department of Public Instruction to implement programs of teacher education program approval and licensure, including the development of such guidelines, procedures, and manuals as it determines necessary, to carry out this policy.  These guidelines, standards, procedures and manuals, when approved by the State Board, are incorporated and made a part of this policy as if set forth fully herein.

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