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Licensure (LICN)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
LICN-001 General Licensure Requirements 2018-11-01 published
LICN-002 Routes to Licensure 2018-04-05 published
LICN-003 Licensure Testing Requirements 2018-06-07 published
LICN-005 Licensure Renewal Requirements 2018-04-05 published
LICN-006 Experience/Degree Credit for Salary Purposes 2018-05-03 published
LICN-007 Licensure Suspension and Revocation 2018-05-03 published
LICN-008 Licensure Fees 2018-04-05 published
LICN-021 Procedure for Seeking Exception from Licensure Requirements 2018-05-03 published
LICN-022 Conversion of Initial Professional License to Continuing Professional License 2018-05-03 published

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