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You are here: Home / Policy Manual / North Carolina Administrative Code (16 NCAC) / 16 NCAC 1A.0006 Policy on State Board of Education Policy-Making Process

16 NCAC 1A.0006 Policy on State Board of Education Policy-Making Process

Policy Title16 NCAC 1A.0006 Policy on State Board of Education Policy-Making Process
Policy CategoryNC Administrative Code (NCAC)
Policy IDNCAC-1A.0006
Policy Date2014-11-06
Previous Policy Dates05/03/1993, 06/03/1999
Statutory ReferenceGS 150B-21; GS 115C-12
Administrative Procedures Act (APA)16 NCAC 1A.0006

In fulfilling its constitutional responsibility to supervise and administer the free public school system, the State Board of Education adopts and amends policies as follows:

  1. Sources of Policy Action: Changes in current state educational policies or initiation of new policies may occur upon the request of the State Board, the State Superintendent, the Governor, the General Assembly, agency staff, local school systems, and the public.
  2. Public Notice of Policy-Making Actions: The agency shall give public notice of its policy-making actions by publication of its monthly meeting agenda and by other means designed to promote public knowledge of the Board’s operations.
    1. Standard policy adoption. A policy issue shall be presented to the State Board for the first time on its Discussion Agenda. The purpose of this agenda is to allow the Board to become familiar with the policy issue, to engage in preliminary discussion of the issue, for staff to inform the Board of input already received during the formulation of the policy, and to provide staff with further instructions on the issue. The Board may waive this requirement to expedite the policy-making process in the Board’s discretion.
    2. Policy adoption pursuant to G.S. 115C-296(a1). For pending actions regarding teachers taken pursuant to G.S. 115C-296(a1), the Board shall provide written notice to all state schools of education and to all local boards of education including the text of the proposed revised policy at least 30 days before the effective date of policy revisions.
  3. Public Comments: Public knowledge of and support for policy decisions of the Board are crucial to the success of public education. The Board intends that agency staff inform persons who will be affected by the proposed policy of its proposed content prior to Board approval of the policy and allow the public to comment on the proposed policy. The Board also intends that affected persons be allowed to participate in the development of proposed policies.  Agency staff shall present the Board with a summary of the opportunities for public participation and the extent to which public participation occurred in the Agenda Executive Summary of each policy item.
  4. Final Board Action: Except in cases where the Board waives this requirement under Section B(1) above, the Board will take final action on a policy issue no earlier than the next meeting following the meeting at which the Board received the policy issue for discussion. All final policy actions shall be available on the Board’s policy Web site within 10 days after final Board action.
  5. In Addition: All policy items presented to the Board shall identify on the Agenda Executive Summary form the sources or duties (constitutional, statutory, or policy) under which the Board is acting. The minutes of the meeting shall indicate which process in Section B the Board has followed for the policy action.


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