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You are here: Home / Policy Manual / North Carolina Administrative Code (16 NCAC) / 16 NCAC 6C.0102 Policy regarding nature of licensure

16 NCAC 6C.0102 Policy regarding nature of licensure

Policy Title16 NCAC 6C.0102 Policy regarding nature of licensure
Policy CategoryNC Administrative Code (NCAC)
Policy IDNCAC-6C.0102
Policy Date2000-08-01
Previous Policy Dates05/08/1986, 07/01/1986, 11/06/1997, 05/06/1999
Statutory Reference GS 115C-284(c); GS 115C-296; GS 115C-315(d), NC Constitution, Article IX, Sec. 5
Administrative Procedures Act (APA)16 NCAC 6C.0102


The State Board of Education shall exercise its licensing authority through the Department in two general areas:

(1) The SBE shall consider for approval the teacher education programs of IHEs that belong to the SACS and that meet the requirements of Rule .0202 of this Subchapter. The SBE shall award or deny approval to teacher education programs by the process described in 16 NCAC 6C .0202.

(2) The SBE shall award licenses to individuals who desire to obtain employment as professional public school employees and who meet the requirements of Section .0300 of this Subchapter. The SBE shall act on personnel license requests according to the process contained in 16 NCAC 6C .0301. 

The SBE shall base its approval on the requirements that are in effect at the time the IHE or the individual applies for approval. 

History Note:     Authority G.S. 115C-284(c); 115C-296; 115C-315(d); N.C. Constitution,       Article IX, Sec. 5;

                           Eff. July 1, 1986;

                           Amended Eff. August 1, 2000.

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