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SBE/DPI Operation (SBOP)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
SBOP-000 Statement on Compensation 1998-05-05 published
SBOP-001 Guidelines for the Superintendent, or his designee, the authority to request approval for budget revisions within the Public School Fund 1996-07-11 published
SBOP-004 Standards of Conduct for the North Carolina Department of Instruction 2014-11-06 published
SBOP-005 Establishment of policy by the State Board of Education 1976-05-06 published
SBOP-006 State Board of Education Rules of Procedure 2014-11-06 published
SBOP-008 Definition of State Board of Education Policy 1990-08-02 published
SBOP-010 SBE agenda late items 2014-11-06 published
SBOP-012 Procedures to administer the North Carolina Education Fund 2018-11-01 published
SBOP-016 Closing Performance Gaps and Challenging all Students to Reach Higher Levels of Achievement 2000-05-04 published
SBOP-018 Implementation of PowerSchool 2013-12-05 published
SBOP-020 Dispute Resolution Process for Homeless Students 2018-06-07 published
SBOP-021 Educational Value Added Assessment System (EVAAS) Teacher Module 2012-08-02 published
SBOP-023 Residential School Teachers subject to G.S.115C-325 2011-09-01 published
SBOP-026 Conflicts of interest Policy 2011-11-03 published
SBOP-027 Internal Use and Handling of Education Data 2014-12-04 published
SBOP-028 External Requests for Education Data 2014-12-04 published
SBOP-029 Classifying the Every Child Accountability Tracking System (ECATS) Special Education Module and Early Warning System of the MTSS ECATS Module to a Uniform Education Reporting System (UERS) Compliant System 2018-05-03 published

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