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Internal Use and Handling of Education Data

Policy TitleInternal Use and Handling of Education Data
Policy CategorySBE/DPI Operation (SBOP)
Policy IDSBOP-027
Policy Date2014-12-04
Statutory ReferenceThe Family Educational Rights and privacy Act (FERPA) Statute (20 USC & 1232g);Regulations-34 CFR Part 99

Formerly TCS-C-027

According to FERPA, The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has the legal and ethical obligation to protect the privacy and security of education data for which it is responsible. To ensure the data privacy and security, the NCDPI will follow FERPA and industry best practices for the collection, storage, public reporting and transport of education data.

The following standards will govern the NCDPI's internal use of education data:

  1. The NCDPI will follow FERPA and NC state laws in all its data collection and use.
  2. The NCDPI will only accept from NC public schools, including local education agencies (LEAs), charter and regional schools, and state operated programs, information that has been gathered consistent with FERPA and State laws. 
  3. All NCDPI employees and other authorized personnel who use education data must sign a statement ( agreeing to the legal and ethical uses of any information that they access. Signed statements of authorized personnel will be on file at the NCDPI throughout their tenure at the NCDPI. The NCDPI will reauthorize signatures yearly or immediately when authorized personnel changes. Reference: DMG-2009-003-RR.
  4. In all public reports, the NCDPI will suppress data results in small cells or extremes to protect the privacy of students in compliance with FERPA, State law, and the NCDPI standards. Reference: DMG-2009-004-SE.
  5. The NCDPI will protect the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the physical transport of data, as well as when transmitting data electronically. The NCDPI staff shall comply with the secure methods of electronic transmission of data outlined in the best practices guide Transmitting Private Information Electronically ( References: DMG-2009-006-SE and DMG-2012-002-SE.
  6. The NCDPI Division of Data, Research and Federal Policy is responsible for creating and publishing a yearly master data calendar, detailing a schedule of data collection. Reference: DMG-2009-003-DQ.

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