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Return-to-Learn After Concussion

Policy TitleReturn-to-Learn After Concussion
Policy CategoryStudent Health Issues (SHLT)
Policy IDSHLT-001
Policy Date2015-09-01
Statutory ReferenceGS 115C-12(12)

Formerly HRS-E-001

Concussion Monitoring:  Return to Learn

  1.  Each Local Education Agency (LEA) and charter school must develop a plan for addressing the needs of students preschool through twelfth grade suffering concussions. The plan must include:
    1. guidelines for removal of a student from physical and mental activity when there is suspicion of concussion;
    2. a notification procedure to education staff regarding removal from learn or play;
    3. expectations regarding annual medical care update from parents, medical care plan/school accommodations in the event of concussion; and
    4. delineation of requirements for safe return-to-learn or play following concussion.
  2. In accordance with the LEA or charter school plan, each school must appoint a team of people responsible for identifying the return-to-learn or play needs of a student who has suffered a concussion. This team may include the student, student’s parent, the principal, school nurse, school counselor, school psychologist, or other appropriate designated professional.
  3. Each LEA and charter school must provide information and staff development on an annual basis to all teachers and other school personnel in order to support and assist students who have sustained a concussion in accordance with their learning and behavioral needs. This annual training should include information on concussion and other brain injuries, with a particular focus on return-to-learn issues and concerns.
  4. Each LEA and charter school will include in its annual student health history and emergency medical information update a question related to any head injury/concussion the student may have incurred during the past year.

This plan shall be implemented at the beginning of the 2016-2017 academic school year.

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