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Testing (TEST)

Policy ID Title Policy Date State
TEST-001 Test Administration in Public Schools 2016-12-01 published
TEST-002 Role of the Testing Coordinator 2016-12-01 published
TEST-003 Requirements Regarding End-of-Course Assessments 2018-05-03 published
TEST-004 Appropriate use of state tests 2010-11-04 published
TEST-008 Advanced Placement Course and AP Exam Endorsement 1998-05-07 published
TEST-009 NC Testing Program: Rules, Guidelines and Procedures 2016-12-01 published
TEST-010 Testing code of ethics 2014-06-05 published
TEST-011 Identification of English Learners Participation in the Statewide Testing Program, Eligibility for Testing Accommodations and Exit Criteria 2017-12-07 published
TEST-013 Multiple-Choice Test Development 2012-11-01 published
TEST-015 Minimizing Testing Time 2016-12-01 published
TEST-016 Use of State-Designated Assessments for the NC Teacher Evaluation Process 2018-05-03 published
TEST-033 Academic achievement standards (cut scores) and achievement level descriptors for Beginning-of-Grade 3, Read to Achieve Test and End-of-Grade assessments in English Language Arts/Reading and Mathematics at Grades 3-8 and Science at Grades 5 and 8 2016-12-01 published
TEST-036 End-of-Course Academic Achievement Standards (cut scores) and Achievement Level Descriptors Assessments in Biology, English II and NC Math 1 2016-09-01 published
TEST-037 NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessments Academic Achievement Standards and Descriptors: English Language/Arts Reading & Mathematics, Grades 3-8; Science, Grades 5 & 8; English II; NC Math 1 and Biology, Grades 10 & 11 2014-03-03 published

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