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LEA rules and regulations related to school buses

Policy TitleLEA rules and regulations related to school buses
Policy CategoryTransportation (TRAN)
Policy IDTRAN-001
Policy Date2011-08-04
Previous Policy Dates05/07/1986
Statutory Reference GS 115C-240(a)

Formerly TCS-H-001


 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) shall adopt and keep on file in the office of the superintendent rules, regulations and policies to assure the safe, orderly and efficient operation of school buses, including:

 (1)      the use of school buses under G.S. 115C-242(5);

 (2)      a uniform system of discipline on school buses;

 (3)      a uniform procedure for the recruitment and selection of school bus drivers;

 (4)      procedures for relieving a driver of driving duties;

 (5)      passenger safety training and safety rules;

 (6)      responsibilities of school bus transportation safety assistants and monitors; and

 (7)      duties of school personnel in the administration of the school transportation program.


History Note:         Authority G.S. 115C-240;

Temporary Adoption Eff. Date;

Eff. Date;

Amended Eff. Date;

Temporary Amendment Eff. Date;

Amended Eff. Date


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