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Establishment of school bus routes

Policy TitleEstablishment of school bus routes
Policy CategoryTransportation (TRAN)
Policy IDTRAN-002
Policy Date2011-08-04
Previous Policy Dates07/01/1992, 07/01/1992, 05/07/1992
Statutory ReferenceGS 115C-240(a)

Formerly TCS-H-002



Superintendents shall establish school bus routes for all students eligible for and requesting transportation as directed by G.S. 115C-246(a) with a goal of ensuring student safety. Superintendents shall, at a minimum, apply the following criteria when developing and implementing bus routes.

(a)       Bus routes shall be planned in a manner designed to conserve fuel and to use buses efficiently.

(b)      Unless safety or other conditions make it inadvisable to do so,  a route  shall not deviate from a general path of direction for a distance of less than one-half mile and then return to the original path except for

          (a)      groups of 10 or more pupils ;

          (b)      unescorted pupils in grades pre-kindergarten through three; and

          (c)      pupils with  special needs as defined by an Individual Education Program (IEP).  


(c)      Unless safety or other conditions make it inadvisable to do so, superintendents shall not plan bus stops closer together than 0.2 miles.   


(d)      Parents and guardians of students assigned to school bus routes shall be informed of the scheduled school bus arrival time and their responsibility to make sure that students are at the school bus stop prior to that arrival time.




History Note:         Authority G.S. 115C-240;

Temporary Adoption Eff. Date;

Eff. Date;

Amended Eff. Date;

Temporary Amendment Eff. Date;

Amended Eff. Date

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